Friend from M’sia

Day: Sunday
Date: 8 November 2009
Time: 2pm
Location: Value Hotel

We were blogpals who were crazy about writing kinky stuff. We kept watch on each other’s blog and tweeted a lot too. It was her who decided to visit Singapore, and at the same time, meet this kid, me, who writes erotica.

Upon arrival, I saw her exiting and recognised her immediately. She looked as pretty as her twitter display picture. I waved to her and she smiled at me, shaking my hand and introducing ourselves.

Going for a quick meal at BK, I offered to help her carry her stuff to the hotel she plans to stay in – Value Hotel. We went to one in Balestier and checked in. She allowed me to stay in her room for a while while she went for a quick bath.

After about 40 minutes, she came out in her bathrobe and looked all shocked.

‘Oh my, I forgot you were still here. Sorry! What were you doing while waiting?’ She went into the toilet to take her clothes out, and of course, I didn’t miss the lacy bra she was holding. Thoughts of loosening her robe became so strong that I had to look elsewhere to snap out of it.

‘Nothing, just waiting for you. You smell really nice.’

Sitting beside me on the bed, we talked about how we generated ideas and if she really masturbated while writing one. Slowly, we went into details about descriptions and plots and it got both of us all heated up in the brainstorming session.

‘Have you ever want to make your fantasies come true? Especially the one you typed about me?’ She asked.

I nodded my head, ‘I didn’t expect any of them to come true, cause most of the girls I wrote about were only friends. If you want, I can enact what I wrote. I can remember it clearly now that we’re halfway into the story.’

I reached for the strap on her robe and pulled it revealing her perfectly slim body. And in my definition of slim, I don’t mean skinny, she had the body of my dream girl. After making sure she is comfortable on bed, I slept on the bed with my head by the side at her right breast, sucking her nipple, fondling it with my tongue.

Her left hand was holding my head down, moving my head around to make me tongue her better. Her right hand was at her pussy, rubbing the clit gently causing soft subtle moans. As it was only 3pm, I did not rush and kept going at it until she felt ready to proceed.

Bringing my head between her legs, it was spread wide enough for my mouth to reach her pussy. After playing lightly with my tongue on her opening, she pressed my head down on her pussy and to keep up with her, I made her real wet with the flicking inserting of tongue into her lovehole. I did not intend to stop until she forgot she was choking me and I had to give up.

It was her turn to have fun.  She made me lie down and gave me a slow and steady blow. She knew how to work a dick, all the way from the balls to the dickhead. Skilfully synchronising her mouth with hands, she need not take any rest and I am the one who was having a hard time holding it in.

As I feel the energy building up in my balls, I asked her to stop and prepare for my launch. With no intention to let me waste the sperms, she stopped to take a condom from her purse and rolled it over my dick.

‘Knowing you are meeting me here, I came prepared lah.’

After I lie back onto the bed, she climbed onto me and took my whole dick into her pussy. She knew how to control her pussy tightness to gain control of me. She rode non-stop on me, grinding my dick for a good whole 10 minutes before I have to stop her again. It was simply too much for me. I pulled her onto my body and turned around to go into missionary.

Pumping her non-stop with deep and forceful thrusts, her expression and moaning kept me going. Her moans, her pussy, her sweat, her breasts, it all fits perfectly into the scene. After the warning to fire, she took my dick in her mouth and sucked it all hard, and sucked it all out.

It was the best cum-in-mouth experience, and best after-cum feel as she sucked my dick dry and cleaned my dick with her tongue after she swallowed it, not forgetting to french the opening of my now sensitive dick. I fell onto her bed and she fell onto my body.

Despite not knowing much about each other, we knew we were thinking the same, and enjoyed.

‘Do you have plans tomorrow?’, she asked gleefully.

‘Is my plan to be with you counted?’

We went downstairs for dinner and cheers to get the more condoms. We went back to the room and hugged each other to sleep, recharging our energy, and my soldiers for tomorrow.

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Oops. ‘S****erman’ is used. I assumed. Anyway, I’ve written it based on what I knew about you lah. Yahh..

Haha now i know what u mean by ‘soldiers’.
Eh, but the story i wrote was not abt you leh!! hah

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