Lucky Day

Day: Saturday
Date: 7 November 2009
Time: 9pm
Location: Her house

I went to great lengths to contact my English teacher who made me hard a few times in school, not because of her clothing but her anger and reaction, I have a curious mind for those. I needed her to help me correct the spelling and grammar for my erotica site.

After I got her email, we met up for coffee as friends at 7pm after her work and had a long chat. As there is no need to go to school the next day, I asked if I could spend some time with her (she doesn’t have a boyfriend because of her temper). We had this anger thing in common and we clicked well.

She drove me to her HDB house to change into a set of comfortable attire. Her house is filled with cute, lovely toys, stuffed animals being the most. I entered her room and checked out her wardrobe which was left open. With her clothes on the bed, I knew she had to come out to get them, so I stood by the door to ‘act’ as if I entered her room accidentally.

All went as planned and from the moment she finished bathing, we didn’t say anything as she felt awkward. Feeling shy, she asked me to go home as it was getting late. Feeling bad about spoiling our meeting, I had to say something to her.

‘I’m sorry for walking into your room and made this whole meeting awkward. But there is something I have to tell you… *looking down at her feet* I was turned on when I saw your body, I simply can’t get it out of my head. Well, I’m leaving now. Sorry.’

She pulled my arm and asked, ‘You really mean it? No one said that to me before, thinking that I will get angry. It’s okay lah, come sit down’.

We sat down watched TV while asking each other about what went wrong in our relationship, being my teacher, she placed her hand on my thigh in one point in time. I held my hand over hers and placed it back on her thigh, moving her hand up and down her own thigh.

Sensing that her breathing got heavier and her skin felt warmer now. I asked one question that will either end our friendship, or bring us into a new one. ‘Ms. Lim, are you feeling horny? I am. What should I  do now?’

She placed her hand over mine, and slide it up all the way on her thigh close to her pussy. She lifted my hand up and placed it over her panties. She was wearing this oversized nightdress and to my surprise, her panties was already a little damp. Guiding my hand, she massaged her pussy and kept her eyes on the TV.

Using the other hand, she opened her panties and put my hand inside it, pushing her middle finger onto mine on her clit, she started swirling in small circles. With the rest of my hand inside, I could feel how wet and hot she was.

All I had in mind was NOT to spoil the mood, so I took her right arm, and pulled her onto my lap, asking her to lie down to feel better. My left hand slid into her panties and my right worked on her nipples through her nightdress. Her eyes were closed, head laid back, looking totally relaxed and comfortable. I did not stop rubbing her and there comes the reward, ‘Do you want to do it with me? For a long time, I want to feel something inside, but people gets turned off by my attitude.’

I got her to sit up and she led me to her bedroom. Turning off the lights, she climbed onto the bed and took her nightdress off, revealing her fair breasts. My clothes were gone in seconds, and massaged her breasts once I got onto the bed, kneeling over her. My dick was standing upright and her eyes were glued to it.

Passing me a condom, she spread her legs for me and I went between. A few seconds of struggling with the condom in the dark, but I finally got it on and readied.

I spread her legs wider and positioned my dick right in front her pussy, ready to penetrate. It wasn’t her first time, but the last time was a long time ago. I pushed my dick in and out, inch by inch to pry open her tightness, as I gave her one deep thrust to enter deep, my dick was immediately enveloped in warmth and wetness.

After pumping for a few minutes, she signalled to me to pull her up and we did it sitting up. She initiated pushing my hips against hers, my dick going as deep as possible into her. She moaned louder as she went hyper speed – herself.

She had her continuous orgasms and suddenly realised I haven’t cum, she asked if I can spend the night with her so she could help me out. Knowing what will happen, I agreed without a second thought. She went on her fours and asked me to place my hips against the wall. I didn’t know what was coming but followed her instructions.

I slid my dick into her pussy and she started humping me by pushing herself against me, using the edge of the bed as support. She went into another round of non-stop orgasms and here was what scared me. In an angry tone, she scolded me horny bastard and making her addicted to sex and and.. commenting on my stamina, stating she won’t forget what I did to her. After much concentration on my part, I managed to stay hard and to let her dominate me.

We went back to missionary and she allowed me to be in control for once before I came all over her breasts. We laid on the bed tired, but contented. Feeling real naughty and adventurous, we took pictures of her cum-covered body and my pussy juice-covered body and made sure we had a copy each.

We slept till morning before we went for another round of sex after breakfast at her place. Soon it was time she had to send me home and upon reaching my place, she gave me a peck on my lips, asking, ‘Can we meet again?’

And with that, I knew she got addicted to sex, without strings. At least with someone who could tolerate anger and turn it into sexual forces.

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