Day: Monday
Date: 2 November 2009
Time: 3pm
Location: School Detention Room

It’s pretty lame that I’m having O levels this year and worst of all, being late for the first time in secondary school. I had to fill in this form and report for detention after school. There were few other students late too, but only one other girl reported.

Kahye was my classmate, who’s always late. So we sat there and chit chat since the teacher supervising us were one of our teachers and knew she could trust us.

We sat beside each other and talked away, about lessons and suddenly, into very private topics. She was a girl guys like to hang out with, crazy, a little bimbo, and had huge breasts for her age. I knew I had no chance to be with her, so I confessed that I liked her once. But she had lots of guys around her then.

She suddenly said she wanted to see mine. The ones she saw on porn wasn’t really realistic and really wanted to see a real one. It was a crazy idea then, but having a little hope of fun, I went to the back of the room where the back door were, and undid my school pants. She sat at the chair beside and watched. After I took out my dick, which was already semi-hard, she asked if I was horny.

I said yes and she went to squeeze it gently with her thumb and index finger like a little girl seeing it for the first time. Her eyes were on my face, watching my expression as she felt it. I took her hand by her wrist and asked her to put some saliva, moved her hand under my dick and asked her to wrap her fingers around.

She did as I said so out of curiosity and I moved her hand up and out my dick. It felt heavenly. She was soon going into auto pilot without my help and maintained her speed. I shoot into her palm without warning and she even played with it, commenting the thick and had a smooth texture.

She went to wash her hands while I put my shorts back on and got seated. She returned and I asked her if she wants me to masturbate for her, cause it always feels better when someone else does it for you.

Trusting me, she placed her legs on the edge of the chair and pushed her legs apart. With my arms around her waist, I went between her legs, got into her PE shorts and panties, and teased her clit with my middle finger.

She got wet immediately and wanted me to go deeper. My middle finger disappeared into her pussy and had trouble squeezing it in as it was her fingers that always went in, not mine, which was thicker.

I continued to making her feel good and she expressed her pleasure through moans and playing with her own breasts. It was a huge motivation for me to NOT stop. She was the one who stopped me with the reason, ‘If you continue hor, I will want to have sex one lor.’

And so I stopped, knowing she didn’t mean it. I could feel her wet panties as I exited her shorts.

Wondering why no one walked past the room? The classroom is located at the far end of the school and no one would walk past. Level 1 is for secondary 1 students and only secondary 4 students were requested to stay for remedial.

She’s still attractive, and simply too high class for me. Shall write the following before I forgot, we were ‘fake boyfriend/ girlfriend’ then.

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