Day: Saturday
Date: 31 October 2009
Time: 5pm
Location: Her house

After the break up, my mood wasn’t really good. So I talked to her whom in fact, was the girl who introduced my ex- girlfriend to me.

After talking on MSN for a while, she said, ‘Chillaxszxsz.. I make you happy.’

Seriously, I wasn’t quite in the mood but still wanted to meet to cry and and get everything off my chest. We met at J8 as it’s closer to her house and had lunch at LJS. She was in a t-shirt and shorts then. I wasn’t quite in the mood to be turned on. Seated at the corner just next to the counter, she took the seat outside while I sat on the cushions.

Suddenly, I felt one of her legs going in between my legs and rubbed my bulge, awakening it. Her playful toes teased it further by grabbing my dick in between her big toe and the next toe and moving it up and down. I ate at double my usual speed and even helped her finish to get her home quickly.

Once I entered her room, she pushed me onto her bed and continued to rub my bulge with her hand, while leaning over me. ‘I said on MSN I’ll make you happy mah, just chillax k?’

She put both my legs on the bed and pulled off my pants and FBTs. With both hands lubricated with her saliva, she jerked me off, experimenting some new moves she thought of. As she was getting turned on by my intuitive moaning and twitching, she took off her shorts with one hand and masturbated lightly.

She got onto the bed and pushed her panties to one side of her thighs to let my dick in raw. Her pussy was a litte wet but had no problems since my dick is already covered in her saliva. She started moving her hips up and down, squeezing my dick constantly, I could tell she was feeling better than I was.

After she came close to 3 times (as she claimed), she fell onto my body and I moved my hips to continue her orgasms. She hugged me tight whenever I felt her pussy getting wetter and tighter.

Without a condom, I didn’t dare to move any faster until she asked me to shoot it in her, saying it was a safe period. I moved my dick in and out fast so much that she had a little spasm and her tight grip on my dick forced all the sperms out, releasing it into her.

Her virginal walls were squeezing every last drop of me into her. After I stopped shooting, she got off and sat by my head, legs spread, her cameltoe in full view. Feeling naughty, she pushed her panties aside and forced my sperms out, showing me how much I came into her.

She spread the cum all over her pussy and adjusted her panties back on. With that kind of tempation, I was getting hard again and she offered to help me with her hands until I was contented. For that, she helped me shoot 3 times and it did made me felt better.

I knew I could always trust her to make me feel better.

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