Sexy Wear

Day: Friday
Date: 30 October 2009
Time: 10pm
Location: Junction 8, GV

During the whole show, Peiling’s hand is in my shorts and my finger in her pussy. We were so high when we finished the movie that we left last to make out at the staircase behind the cinema.

Earlier today, I went to her house to walk her to J8. For this occasion, I’ve bought a pair of panties that is made of translucent materials and a little lacy as well. It had an opening at the pussy area and that was the reason I got it for her too. I passed it to her and asked her to put it on without wearing bra.

Off we went to the movies, and she had a jacket over her to cover the obvious protrusion of her nipples and worn a denim skirt. We entered the theatre early and sat at our corner seat, with her next to the wall. Once seated, she immediately took off her jacket and covered her legs, seemingly prepared.

Soon, the lights dimmed and the show started, she took my hand and placed it in between her legs propped up on the seat, slightly spread. It was moist and warm, she has gotten horny since she put on the panties and the thought of not wearing a bra simply excited her more. Without the need to find a way into her panties, I spread her pussy lips with my index and fourth finger, playing with her clit with my middle.

Her back was tilted towards me and her right hand was on my bulge, massaging. She managed to wriggle her way into my shorts and came in contact with my warm dick, even commenting that it came at the right time.

My left hand, still between her legs, did not stop and went deeper to finger. Her pussy was getting tighter and her nipples got more obvious, detectable by the light from the screen. Slowly, she started sliding down lower, and my fingers could go deeper. Her hand that was in my shorts went fast and slow without warning. Not sure if I’m lucky or what, her pace would keep me very horny but not enough to make me cum.

With her constant teasing, I made it a point to tire her out. So I changed between fingering and rubbing of her clit without warnings too. About 20 minutes into the show, my fingers were soggy and tired. Grateful for what I did, she hugged my hand in between her legs, and took my hands to masturbate herself instead.

In return, I took her hand and placed it on my bulge. While she is in a dreamy state mixed with tiredness and pleasure, I made sure she felt good and happy. Halfway into the show, she fell asleep with her hand on my dick. I kept her hand there and continued to rub her clit slowly and gently.

And the end of the show, I woke her up and adjusted our clothing before waiting for the others to go out.

It was 12am plus when I sent her home. Despite not cumming today, I hope she did had a fun time with me. Hehe.

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