Little Hands

Day: Thursday
Date: 29 October 2009
Time: 9.30pm
Location: Her house

*Note: This is not a pedo entry. ‘Daughter’, ‘Mummy’ refers to a make-up relationships we had in school. NOT real!

I’ve always fantasised her small hands on my dick. In class, or whenever I am around her, I would fantasize but not dare tell her. We had this fake relationship where I was no more than a ‘mummy’ to her.

On a conversation on MSN, I asked if she wanted to be my girlfriend jokingly. Expectedly, her reply was no. We still arranged to meet up to go out though. The day arrives and for unknown reasons, all of our friends either could not make it or left, leaving only me and her.

After walking about Bugis and had dinner, I sent her to her home and she invited me to her house. It was the first time I’m at her house and her room is lovely. As her house is a little messy, I went to her room to relax. Her parents were not home yet but does not mind her bringing friends home.

She sat beside me on the bed and looked at me. Not wanting to spoil the mood, I asked if I could kiss her (in a serious tone but jokingly) and she said ‘okay.’ I gave her a peck, and looked at her. She came to my face and stuck her tongue into my mouth and of course, I took it willingly.

Our kiss because intimate as our hands entered each other’s warm and sweaty bodies despite the air-conditioning. I pushed her onto her bed while my lips were still on hers. My hands went into her shorts and gave her a rub at her pussy – outside her panties.

Her moaning had become ‘Umm.. umm’ as she was muffled by the kissing. Her panties turned a little damn and I knew she wanted more. She undid the button on her shorts, released the zip and opened it for me without taking off.

Lying beside her, my hand went into her panties with little trouble and continued to keep her horny by rubbing her pussy along the clit. As she got wetter, I asked if I could put my finger in.

She gave a slight nod with her eyes closed and I slide my middle finger in after some probing. Her grip became tighter and her pussy got all heated up. I kept my fingers moving and watching her cum round after round.

Her happy and ecstatic face made me feel good and wants to keep going. Her pushed my hand away after she got really close to fainting. She laid on the bed and ask, ‘You want me to make you feel good?’ I said ‘Umm!’ and she sat up and pull my pants lower.

“你的很长leh.’ as she saw my dick as it came out of my shorts. She took her hand to her mouth for some saliva before working up and down my dick. Looking at her in between my legs giving me a handjob is definitely out of the world.

For revenge, she didn’t stop her hands and only varied her speed to make me really want to shoot. After a while, I mouthed, ‘shooting’ and she took her hands and covered my dick head, catching it all in her hands.

My cum was so thick that none of it got onto my body and she had no problem containing it in her hands on the way to wash up. I wiped my dick clean and she had a quick shower to clean herself up.

We kissed for a while more before I leave for house. She’s still my friend, my ‘daughter’. And will respect her needs just as she did for me.

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