Enlargement Exercise.

After I watched the video of a massage to enlarge my dick, I knew I had to try it out, but going to those sleazy massage parlours for it was just not my style. A little hopeless, I went to my bed and placed my iPad on my chest while the video played, so I could mimic to my best. It did not take me more than a minute to realise how impossible it was, and the last person I wanted to ask came to my mind. I pulled my blanket over my nakedness and called out to my sister, Clara.

She came into my room in her nightgown, nipples poking at the thin satin wear. I sat her on my bed and showed her the video, which she felt disturbing at first, but got interested once the size began to increase on the male’s dick in the video. She took the iPad and placed it across my hips, before going to the wall at the other side of my bed. A bottle of baby oil was handed to her and she dropped a few drips on her hands before rubbing them together to warm it up.

I pulled my blanket away and she immediately held my dick with both hands without looking. The video played and she followed every move as best as she could. The pressure on a few special points did make me almost cum immediately but it was normal to not being able to cum. My eyes shut themselves and all I could feel was her pair of soft hands repeating the same action over and over again, gliding up my dick, and ended with extra stimulation on my dick head, before going back to the base to glide upwards again. The few extra massage areas were around my balls and above my groin, which I think she found it without problems.

The whole massage lasted about ten minutes before she shook me awake. I opened my eyes to the darkened room and saw how big my dick had gotten, illuminated by the light from my iPad’s screen.

Clara: ‘I’m going to help you finish it k?’

Me: ‘You know how?’

Clara: ‘The video showed me how to do it. Just relax.’

The same actions resumed, but the tease on my cockhead was missing. The urge to ejaculate had kept me awake and I thought my dick was going to explode if she continued. Finally, the deadly pause came and my semen shot high up into the air, like a rocket taking off. The waves lasted for at least thirty seconds and she was surprised at the amount of cum that caught on my body. I knew it was over when my eyes started closing, like the reaper was here.

Clara: ‘Kor.. don’t sleep yet.’

I opened my eyes and saw her place my iPad on my chest, playing a clip that showed a woman lying on her back, and a man standing between her legs, giving directions to a vaginal massage that sent her squirting. Clara had been dragging the frame bars and I knew what she wanted.

Me: ‘Alright. We’ll try that. My room or yours?’

Clara stuck her tongue out and handed me my shorts. I put them on and went across to her room, where her single bed was sitting right smack in the middle of it. She climbed on top of it and lay near the foot of her bed, legs together in shyness. I reached to her hips and she lifted her butt up for me to remove the sweet smelling panties I’ve came across and spread her legs. She instinctively took the iPad and rested it on her stomach, shielding her face from the awkwardness that would follow once I started.

Without the video, I knew what to do. Still, I wanted the video as a guide. I lubed my middle and fourth fingers with the baby oil and smeared some around her pussy, accidentally teasing her clit and the tempting poke at her vagina. Her hips had been moving involuntarily as I fondled her groin area, almost fingering her if I did not stop her pulling hands. I pushed the two fingers in and curled it upwards, like a C shape, before pulling and pushing my hand at her pussy.

There wasn’t much variation to the stance, so I maintained my pace, not wanting to tire myself out before she climaxed. True enough, it did not take more than two minutes for her to start convulsing and I knew I was on the right track. My scraping got faster and the burn was soon felt in my forearms. I switched over to my upper arms to do a scooping actions and in no time, her body arched scarily upwards and the squirt started like a water cooler, small stream, to a bigger one, to the forceful one that reached the wall in front, splashing all over the basket of dirty laundry.

Her legs pushed me away after the squirting was done, but her body kept thrashing on the bed like a fish out of water. The concerned me stayed by her side stroking her hair to calm her down, which after about two or three minutes, worked. Her exhausted expression, closed eyes, panting chest, weakened limbs, let me know she was still alive. I pulled the blanket over her and went back to my room, taking no more than five minutes to fall asleep.

What a day..

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