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Belinda ended her school early and went to the nearby blocks to change out of her uniform. She went up a block that she always visited and took her grey denim skirt, PE shirt out. Double checking on the corridors of the level above and below, she returned to the mid-level and quickly unbuttoned her top, before wearing the clean PE shirt she prepared. Her school blouse came off as well and the skirt was pulled up her thin small legs. Once she was done changing, a cigarette was lit and she sat at the steps waiting.

Daniel (SMS): ‘You there already?’
Belinda (SMS): ‘Yeah. You coming soon?’

The lift beep at the level above where she was and Daniel came out. With a smile on his face, he walked toward her and sat beside her before giving her a kiss, which after she returned to the tar stick on her hand. Automatically, his hand went to her thigh, and went upwards under her skirt. Belinda did not mind the daring moves he made, since she was already his, both mentally and physically. Belinda was just 14, and to be with a man that is twice her age, the relationship had to be kept a secret, from even her best friends.

His fingers automatically went into her panties and the focus shifted to her clit, which he fondled by massaging it in circles and giving it pinches that made her lose balance of the cigarette. After he felt her wetting her panties, his hand exited from her legs and he proceeded to unbuckle his pants, pulling it low enough just to expose his dick.

Belinda adjusted herself one step below him and inhaled a breath of smoke before going on down him, sucking him slowly while exhaling smoke through her nose. The minty, warm sensation drove Daniel high and it was something he enjoyed a lot. Her blowjob was comparable to girls older than her, and her tongue just stayed soft in her mouth while his dick was pumping through her lips. Slurping up the excess saliva up at times, she could feel him twitching in her mouth and it was her who knew it was time to have fun.

Usually, they would go to his house not far from where they met, but that day, his sister was home, so they had to improvise. He zipped his pants up and went to recee around, before returning to her with a smile. He reached his hands out to get her to her feet and he pushed her in front of the narrow railing connecting the flights of stairs.

Belinda (whispering): ‘Are you sure it’s safe?’
Daniel (whispering): ‘Don’t worry. It’s just me who is stripping a little. If anyone comes, you just sit down or walk away.’

Belinda gave him an ‘okay’ sign and waited for him to undo his pants again. He pulled her panties off and placed it inside her bag, before standing between her opened legs. They never had much tries with standing doggie, but it was the only safer position they could get in. He gave her pussy a few swipes with the tip of his dick, until she was really wet and she just grabbed his shirt and pulled it towards herself.

That tug had let Daniel penetrate into her pussy and the carefully silent sex began, with him thrusting his hips fast but not too hard. That one entry he made did not meet with any disturbance for at least five minutes. It was time to get a little more daring for the two of them. He lifted her shirt while still ramming his dick into her, which she just raised her arms for him to remove. With just her strapless black bra, her slim body was in his reach and he could not resist touching her all over.

Her shirt was turned back inside out and prepared in a way she could just take it from the railing and put it on if anyone appeared. Without much thoughts, their sex got wilder and louder, slapping against each others’ body, moaning and groaning in pleasure. With their internal clock ticking, they understood someone would come by sooner or later.

Daniel increased his pace and went all out on her, slamming hard and deep into her pussy. She was squeezing him from time to time to get the full sensation of his size inside her, the orgasms from his matured dick was satisfying her beyond expectations. She already had close to five orgasms when he sped up. His hands held onto her waist firmly and she knew he was nearing his end.

Daniel (whispering loudly): ‘I’m cumming Dear!’

She stretched her arms out abruptly, forcing him to the wall behind him and she just pulled and push her arms quickly, somewhat expressing her desperation and obligation to make him happy. Daniel was already weak from the sudden drain in energy, from how tight she was, and the little effort he put in to push her away was futile.

He felt his balls contract and his dick expand to blow the load, right into her. The pulses of cum shot into her tight slit, filling her pussy like a balloon, though not that extreme. Belinda was shock at the amount of cum he released and her wide eyes contained fear as well. It took him a while to finally stop squirting and when she moved forward to let him out, a small gush of cum splattered onto the floor and it was quite an amount.

Daniel went back to the steps and wore his pants back slowly, while Belinda took the panties from her bag and cleaned her privates of cum. Since she could not wear them back, the only thing she put back on was her PE shirt, still smelling clean and fresh over her sticky body. Wordless, they sat at the stairs to catch their breaths.

Another stick of cigarette was lit and Belinda had been feeling much happier after the sex.

Belinda: ‘Can take out your cock without removing your pants?’

Daniel unzipped and took his shrivelling dick out, for his girl to give a kiss and suck on them again, to make sure none of the remaining bullets were left. As ready as he was, her oral woke his little one into full length and she decided to give him another round, with her mouth. Taking breaths of smoke between sucking and blowing, her blowjob had no rest in between until he was about to cum. Knowing that he would be cumming, she kept going and received his second load into her mouth.

Lesser, but just as filling. She kissed him with her mouth full and opened her mouth to swallow, not something anyone can do easily. That move touched him and they hugged for a good minute before he made a call home to check if his sister was still home – not anymore. They walked hand in hand to his place, and the rest of the day was spent with her naked around his house, driving him mad with horniness and got his unlimited rounds of sex.

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