Two Cans

It was a dark and rainy night, one of the worst day for Lenny as he spoke on the phone with his girlfriend who asked for a break up. As manly as he was, tears was flowing down his cheeks steadily, sobbing as quietly as he could. The call ended and he just sat at the playground, all alone, lost and confused. He had not intended to go home so soon, at least not until he had calmed down. In the silence, the little hut at the top of the slide was where he hid himself.

Then, loud cries gave him a scare of his life. A female voice, quite mature sounding, was pleading on her phone with assumption, a guy. She walked around the same playground where he was, in the rain. She was drenched and like him, was crying to herself as well. Coincidentally, she sat at the end of the slide and placed her head on her arms.

Lenny tiptoed his way down the playground and went to a vending machine nearby, to get himself a drink before heading home. To his luck, two cans of green tea came out of the machine and it was the right move to hand one to the poor girl. So he walked back to the playground, and stood at the top of the slide.

Lenny: ‘Psst.. hey.. ‘

The swollen eyes looked at him and he swallowed hard before incepting the next sentence. His eyes were also red from the crying earlier and she had noticed it as well. She kept her head turned at him for him to finish what he wanted to say.

A jump from the second level to the first brought him face to face with her and he stretched his hand out with a drink.

Lenny: ‘The machine gave me two cans, I only wanted one.’

The girl paused for a second and took the can from him.

Girl: ‘Why are your eyes so red?’
Lenny: ‘I just broke up with my girlfriend.’

She sighed and opened the can to sip.

Lenny: ‘I heard you crying too. Did something happen?’
Girl: ‘Yeah. Same as you,’

The slide had two sides to it and it did not take long for Lenny to seat himself beside her and drink from his can as well. A few words were spoken, but he found out what he needed to know. Christine had just broken up with her boyfriend of six months, and she is still studying in a local university. She too had learnt something of him and they were sharing the common sadness and pain with each other.

Christine: ‘Shall we get out of the rain?’

The drizzle was too light to get Lenny wet but it was still a good idea. He followed her to the row of blocks until his phone battery died, giving him no excuse to be busy with his cell.

Lenny: ‘Are you going home now?’

She shook her head and continued walking.

Lenny: ‘Why not come up to my place to get yourself dried?’

Lousy pick up line. But she had nowhere to go and even if she did went home, no one would be there. She held his hand and he changed his direction before picking up pace. They went into his house and she just hugged him suddenly, crying out loudly in the dark living room. Continuing the surprise hug, she pulled his head down to her and kissed him, almost bursting out to rape him.

Lenny held her back and went to his room to get a towel, but she had followed him in as well, and locked the door behind her. She snatched the towel from him, shoved him onto his bed and begin stripping her school’s PE shirt, and the FBTs shorts she wore. Without panties, the bra she wore fell onto the floor once she unhooked them. Christine jumped onto him on the bed and went on struggling to pull his shorts down.

Lenny: ‘Stop stop! What are you doing?’

Christine did not say a word and managed to pull his shorts low enough to reveal his underwear. She sat on his abdomen and her hand went behind to stroke his dick for a wake up call. Her pussy was smooth to a point it resembled a baby’s soft skin and the contact with his stomach was turning him on. Her fingers were pressing his flute and it certainly did not take long to get him long enough.

He slipped his hands under her arms and lift her up, pushing her backwards so she would be on her back. He leaned over her cold damp body and slid his hand down her body, until his fingers were in contact with her clit. Although he was a virgin, he had watched enough porn to know his way around and the quick vibration he made had sent her moaning. Her nipples had responded to his touch and they grew in front of his eyes, standing like.. nipples?

Christine wrapped her legs around him after she felt an orgasm coming. He let her bring him between her opened legs and she just jerked him forward, giving her an intense shock as his rod sank all the way into her – virgin meat tube. Immediately another orgasm came and she gave out a long groan in agony. Her legs released themselves but Lenny was in place.

His hips found their way to reach into her after a few tries, and he knew he was doing a good job from the wild convulsion she was getting. Her body threw around the bed, trying to reach for something to hold on to, but her eyes would always return to him to let him know she’s still there.

The single position they tried was more than enough for them to handle and given his first time, he took about ten minutes before he had to pull out of her abruptly. She let him rest on the bed and climbed towards him with a grin on his face. She opened her mouth and the next thing Lenny knew, he was in heaven. Her warm mouth had flooded his dick with saliva and she was going down on him quite deep. The brushing on his dick with the top of her mouth, it took her two minutes before his hands went to her breasts, squeezing them as he shot his load into her mouth.

Her tongue touched his sensitive tip and it sent him berserk, jerking his hips up and down while the waves were still going on. Lenny took a while to calm down and Christine held his dick in her mouth all along. She knelt in front of him and opened her mouth to show him the cloudy goodness he gave to her. His expression was quite a comedy with the droplets of sweat going into his eyes as well as excitement and happiness.

Christine swallowed it all and she cuddled into his arms. It was a special moment where they lost, and found themselves again. They fell asleep after a while but woke up in the middle of the night, for some action initiated by her again. What a wild start to a relationship they have. Whew~

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