Freezing Deal

Tracy: ‘Chef, I think everyone has gone home.’
Mike: ‘Are you sure you want to do it in there? It’s freezing cold.’
Tracy: ‘Yeah. I’ve never tried it before.’

Tracy had been at the restaurant for the whole day, being one of the bidding suppliers for the new source of high quality seafood the business is looking into. The rest of her competitors had left after the conference and she was the only one who hung around until the closing hours to find the head chef. When she returned, he had still about thirty minutes of work to do in the kitchen, but the way she was dressed, had been distracting him too much to do any work. Earlier in the day, was a decent white blouse, blazer and a knee length skirt. But during the time she waited, another outfit was put in place.

Once Mike was done packing, he looked at her from her feet to her head. A black lace dress, leaving her arms, neck and long legs exposed, with a black bralet and small tight skirt as an inner wear, his domant lust had been awakened. Sex with his wife was dwindling in frequencies and this young girl in her 20s, had just served herself on a plate to him. The trade-off wasn’t difficult either. The offer price she gave was one of the lowest and confidentiality was part of the deal. The large freezer door hissed opened and they stepped into it warily. Although it was empty, security cameras were still working.

Mike brought a set of heavy coat along in case she felt cold, but given the activities they were about to do, he doubt it was needed. The pair of chef pants he wore dropped to his ankles once he saw that Tracy had pulled her dress off, leaving only her bralet top and black skirt on. Feeling his urge build up in his underwear, he walked that few steps towards her and stood a distance from the metal counter that was in the middle of the walk-in freezer. She saw how delighted he was to have this bonus part of the deal and got herself seated on a stool that almost froze her ass the moment she sat down.

With the cold kicking in, she grabbed his unerected dick and put her mouth over it, sucking it like a baby for a few minutes before it grew larger, sticking right down her mouth. It had felt easier than doing a deep throat, if she let it grow in her mouth. But of course, that wasn’t what he wanted. Her head started to move to and fro, maintaining a levelled suction while her tongue tried to give every part a lick. Doing this for a stranger wasn’t exactly intimate, and Mike felt it as well. Her mouth was working, but her mind wasn’t there at all. So how about moving on?

He stepped away from her after she got tired and let her take her time to rest her body on the freezing counter, before he used his strong hands to pry her butt open so he could get a better view – of the penetration. Bit by bit, his fat cock was going into her and she could barely contain the excitement of getting a dick so satisfying inside her. Her legs perched themselves up on the table and in a crude way, she was lying flat on the table with her arms and legs spread out – resembling a chicken in Mike’s eyes. Well, what can he do to stop her from looking like that right? She did felt like one.

Mike’s dick gave her no rest once he was fully parked inside of her, commencing with the slower thrusts, gradually going faster and faster. The experience of doing it in a freezer was new to both of them, the fluid that was on Mike’s dick had cooled so quickly that the thrusts he gave her was mind chilling. Apart from that, he also blew air at her pussy whenever he slipped out, making her wet from the frosty wind and then resuming the sex with more forceful thrusts. They took no break in between until he was about to cum, and Tracy knew her job was almost done. She peeled herself carefully off the cold counter top and sat back on the stool, with most of her skin numbed to the cold.

Her head was shoved into his groin and his dick that had been in the open for sometime, tasted like an ice lollipop. She licked him with her warming tongue and let him use her mouth after she saw how desperate he was getting. About close to five deep shoves into her mouth, she felt his cream escape like a can of whip cream, squirting right onto the tongue with the indescripable taste. The clean up was quick and they exited the freezer after a quick peek outside.

Tracy: ‘So the deal is on yeah?’
Mike: ‘And do I get special treatments whenever we place big orders?’
Tracy: ‘This is just a one time bonus k? Maybe when we renew our contract?’

He was a little disappointed for not clarifying this before they started, but thankfully for the seemingly needless camera he placed in the freezer room, it might had come in handy.

Mike: ‘Okay then. I’ll see you during the contract signing.’

What would you do if you were Mike?

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