My Best Friend 2

This is part two to a story submitted by a fellow reader/ writer, who has been nice to pen his experiences down and allow me to post it on my site. Guys, do drop any comments below to let him know how you guys feel after reading both stories and what turns you on the most. Ladies, I’m sure he would love to hear from you girls too! Have a good time reading, I assure you it could almost happen to you if you were at the right place and at the right time.


Part 1 | Part 2

In the earlier story, you guys read about how I had sex with Claire, one of my best friends. This second segment is my experience with my other best friend, Joanna.

Joanna is always known by all of us as the ‘blur’ one. She often got confused easily and could not catch on to the jokes we made sometimes, especially the dirty ones. Me and Claire used to laugh at her expression as she struggled to understand these jokes. When either one of us would explain to her, she would say ‘Oh!’ very loudly, proceed to slap the shoulder of the person who explained it to her and would go red in the face. This was a very comical reaction and we all had a good laugh every time she did that.

With time, Joanna also became experienced in her own way and soon, she was telling us about her sexual escapades. Naturally my imagination would fire up and I would imagine her fucking me instead. Joanna used to club extensively at one point of her life and thus, she had no lack of sex and causal partners. But I was always well-behaved, till one night…

I had set out to meet Joanna for drinks at a pub. I normally don’t drink so I would send Joanna home after she got tipsy. Believe it or not, although I wanted to sleep with her, I never once took advantage of her when she was drunk or tipsy, as I believe that sex has to be enjoyed by both parties. So there I was, walking into a pub, looking around for Joanna when I saw her already seated at a table.

Fuck. She was wearing what seemed to be only a very long shirt as a top and it flaunted her perfectly toned legs. Joanna is a runner and also plays various sports, hence she had very beautiful legs that I was gazing at through a glass table. She had already started drinking and was on her second bottle of beer that night. Joanna is an excellent drinker and can really hold her alcohol, so I wasn’t too worried. As we talked, I tried to discreetly peep through the glass to perhaps catch a glimpse of something more, but she always sat properly and thus I was denied the opportunity.

‘Excuse me Randy, I need to go to the washroom’ she said as she stood up to make her way to the washroom. As her legs parted slightly, I caught a brief glimpse of her black panties. Score! I was aware that I was becoming hard and I thought ‘Why did she have to dress like that? She knows that I have a very high sex drive, is she trying to make me do something inappropriate?’ Joanna came back then, taking her seat and flashing her panties at me briefly before she closed her lovely legs. I took a deep breath and focused on our conversation. Soon, our conversation turned to sex.

Me: So, how has your sex life been? Any particularly memorable guys recently?

Joanna: Haha, actually I did have sex recently but it was kind of disappointing..the guy could not get his stuff up despite my best efforts and when he did, I could not feel anything despite the fact that he said he already put it in.

Both of us burst out laughing at this point

Me: Aww, that’s too bad. You should try sleeping with me, I guarantee you’d enjoy it

Joanna: Wow, you really have so much confidence in yourself?

Me: Well, I deliver regular and punctual orgasms

Joanna: Haha. Good for you. Too bad I don’t sleep with friends.

This continued for some time, as we changed topics. Every time I steered the topic back to sex, I could tell that Joanna was getting more and more interested in it. She had also began to get a little tipsy and she began to unconsciously spread her legs slightly, making it difficult for me to focus on the conversation at hand.

Joanna: We can’t seem to stop talking about sex, huh? Are you really that turned on?

Me: Of course! I’m ready to go anytime, anywhere. All you gotta do is say yes.

Joanna: We’ll see about that. Haha. Excuse me I need to go make a call.

And with that, Joanna left the restaurant. I presumed she would be back in about 10mins and when she didn’t show up after 20mins, I started to get worried as the pub was located along a pretty deserted stretch of road. God forbid, something could have happened to her. I went out to look for her and I saw her standing next to a car.

Me: Hey Joanna!

Joanna turned around and to my surprise, she looked pretty red in the face.

Me: Is everything okay? You didn’t come back in so I got worried.

Joanna: Yeah it’s all good..sigh.

Me: Hey, whats up? You can talk to me. I said, putting my arm around her shoulder to comfort her.

Joanna: Okay, well the thing is..I got horny after our conversation and I’ve been trying to call a guy I normally have sex with, but I think he’s asleep!

When I heard that, I swallowed. Now was the opportunity to ask, to gamble for it.

Me: Joanna, how about..we do it?

Joanna: Do what? Have sex? No way, I told you I won’t sleep with my good friends.

But she didn’t seem so sure of herself this time and I pressed on.

Me: Look, it’s really simple. It’s just sex, something which I know both you and I want very badly right now. So why can’t we help each other out? And besides, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve… kinda slept with Claire.

Joanna: Seriously? Wow, your sex drive is really out of control!

She turned away from me and faced the car, as if it would drive me away. I hesitated before I stepped forward and embraced her from behind, one hand undoing the last button on her shirt.

Joanna: Hey, what are you doing? Stop, we can’t do this..

But she was not putting up much of a struggle

Me (whispering into her ear): Just trust me, alright? We both want this and I know I can make up for that unsatisfactory experience you just had.

I said, as my hand slid into her panties and slowly begin to finger her moist pussy. I felt for her clitoris and when I found it, I used my middle finger to slowly rub it in circles, causing her to moan and lean back onto me, her small tight ass making contact with my hardening dick. Her hands slipped behind and freed my aching dick from my pants.

Joanna: Mmm, you are really long..

Me: Tell me you want my dick in your pussy.

Joanna: I.. need your dick in my pussy. I need you to fuck me now.

She moaned as I pulled her panties to her knees and slowly, I rubbed my dick against her wet clitoris. She moaned and turned around ‘Fuck me already!’ she exclaimed as I teased her warm, wet pussy. Without hesitation, I pumped my dick into her small and tight pussy and groaned as I fully penetrated her, her small, perky butt in full contact with my body. I could not hold myself back and I pumped her as hard as I could. She began to moan louder and louder and it was like I was in a Japanese porno, as she moaned and cried every time I entered her.

Without warning, the urge to cum came and it was so swift that I barely cleared my way out of her pussy when I came on her butt, my warm goo hitting her butt and dripping all around onto the floor. I was shocked. I had never came so quickly before and as she turned around to face me, the inevitable question popped out:

That was it?

Me: Joanna, I’m really sorry it ended so soon but you were so fucking tight and your moans just drove me over the edge. I barely pulled out in time myself.

Joanna: Sigh, but I’m still not satisfied…

Me: I got an idea, come with me.

And so, Joanna pulled her panties back on and we hailed a passing cab when she was ready

Me: Uncle, Hotel 56

I said, beaming at Joanna. Her smile was equally wide as her hand rested on my crotch and began to squeeze discreetly while we were travelling there.

Part 1 | Part 2

Story published with permission, courtesy of Randy.

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Slow and Erotic. Still enjoying the first part though I felt this was more of a tease than a turn-on. Ah well, good experiences anyways!

I’ll ask the writer if he is planning to come up with the third part. But according to our initial emails, these two parts are the proposed ones. So it is unlikely that he has plans for a third story.

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