Ever Hurt

‘Would you ever hurt someone you love?’, she asked while on her knees, tied to the leash around her neck. Her wrists have gone numb from the binds only Houdini could escape from, and her ankles turned bluish from the cuffs he didn’t allow her to remove.

The voices in his head had not stopped since he lost his sanity, going on an all-out frenzy tying her up and restraining her movements. Not that she was doing something wrong, it happened all of a sudden when he dropped by after her parents checked out of the complimentary hotel stay for her to invite her friends over.

In the end, she chose to ask him over, hoping that it would make an ideal getaway no matter how short it was for them. Lovers, was the only word suitable to describe the two, appearing nothing less than perfect in front of their friends and families.

The cold sweat she could see forming on his forehead told her that he was fighting against something, perhaps a childhood trauma of his that never was resolved, or a wire snapping from his fast-paced job that he never complained about.

‘I’m sorry’, his words were only heard from the movements of his lips, and nothing more was allowed out of him. He crawled backwards into the bed and she was dragged along, only to be left between his legs. ‘Do I have to ask?’, he snared at her in a tone she knew wasn’t his. Whatever was speaking to her, she would need more to lure him out of his mind.

‘No. You don’t’, she proceeded to undo his belt, and his jeans. Taking them off swift and neatly, she folded them before setting them down. His boxers experienced the same seamless moves as well and she was soon sitting closer to his groin, erection grown to a size it puzzled her.

Still, she went down on the tip and let a glob of saliva lubricate the tip, before she used her hand to please his monster. In between the groans he made, there were some that belonged to him, and it was a clue she kept in mind. After a few minutes of jerking, she straightened her body on the sheets and placed her face next to his dick, kissing them lightly until she reached the tip.

Her consensual mood was getting to him and his violent side slowly faded away. Her mouth worked tirelessly on the shrinking penis till it was the length and girth she recognised. She could do nothing but to take her time to savour the honey stick, going deep at times and using her tongue on his sensitive head, on another.

‘Mmm.. that’s nice’, she lifted her head away with a lips-lick, staring satisfied into his eyes. ‘Do you want me to ride you?’, that question turned him into a little boy nodding eagerly, and she climbed over his dick, letting off a long moan as it filled her up.

‘Come, hold onto this and guide me’, she placed the end of the leash he dropped into his palm and began rocking. Two hands on his chest kept her balanced as she chose her own speed, milking that rod as he groaned to her varying speed. She went non-stop on him until her orgasm came, along with the tightness that he couldn’t stop commenting on, ‘you’re so fucking tighhhhhhttt!’

She grabbed both his wrists and helped him up, giving him a kiss before she turned her body away. On her hands and knees, she looked back at him with a question, ‘would you fuck someone you love?’ The speed he got on his knees and between her legs was the best reply she could get.

Without a condom, the two of them let off a loud scream as he penetrated her, in a single stroke all the way to her deepest end. A huge boost of energy went straight to his core muscles and it was the fastest, deepest thrusts she had ever felt. The size was perfect, and the hardness was unbelievable. Before she knew it, she was screaming continuously to his forceful entries, though willing ones.

Her mind was long gone when he told her that he was cumming, leaving him to decide where he wanted to unload. She was after all on the pill for him to cum inside if he wanted. The last waking moments she recalled was his hips knocking her so hard that they both fell onto the bed while his balls were emptied clean into her.

When she woke up in the middle of the night, all the restraints were removed, and she was nicely tucked into bed. That monster, if there was anything good about it, was that size she tasted and held. If not, she would prefer the usual him.

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