Such Luck

‘I’m reaching. What are you wearing?’

That online hook-up lived near my vicinity and it was sure exhilarating to meet someone who wasn’t asleep, and horny at such ungodly hour.

‘Grey and black pants.’

‘Okay. I’m in a long black shirt.’

The *ding* from the lift I just exited got my heart thumping really fast, as I tried to recall every girl in their 20s staying at my block. When she stepped out in the black shirt, I knew it was a fucking mistake when I thought I was so lucky.


‘Yes. I know. Let’s go back up.’

‘You want to go for a walk? We can’t sleep anyway.’

*sigh* ‘I guess that’s fine.’

She had no idea how much I needed fresh air. It wasn’t anyone’s fault that we had to end up in such an awkward situation, thinking that she was just texting her friends when I left the house. The black shirt she went to bed in, how could I have missed that.

We walked aimlessly around the neighbourhood while we used our phones, pretending to be ‘busy’ so we could forget what happened earlier. By the time we reached the end of the rows of flats along our street, it was the location I proudly told her the address of for a ‘good quickie location’.

‘Let’s head back now?’

My younger sister wasn’t behind when I turned to her, standing in the lift when I took a few steps to retrace our path.

‘Come in.’

‘No we are not.’

She pulled her shirt up and tied a knot around her waist, exposing the blue lacy panties she sexted she was in. I blocked the doors from closing with my arm and she gave me a gentle pull into the lift, forcing me to join her when the lift moved.

Knowing that I wasn’t wearing any underwear, her hand was quick to cup my groin, and massaged it till we reached the top. By then, I was hard as fuck and she was pulling her top off as she dashed into the corridor. I ran after her till we reached the stairs at the end.

That particular block housed elderly folks in one-room apartments. So there wasn’t any units around the end of the corridor. I didn’t bother to sit down and pinned her to the wall, upper bodies obviously visible to anyone who was looking. The pause I had there was longer than ever as I didn’t know what to do.

My own sister, naked waist up, hands running all over under my bulge. When she unzipped my pants, the intrusion of my dick pushed me over my boundaries. I slipped my hand between her legs and rubbed on the soaked panties hard, squishing around as she moaned into my ears.

‘Korrrr… ‘

I knew it was wrong when I grew harder at that. In the midst of our passionate, mutual-masturbation, we had shifted closer to the steps, and that was where she slid down to face my cock eyes-to-eye, collecting breaths of air in awe before she devoured my cock. My eyes shut immediately when she descended down my shaft, shaking her head side-to-side to fit me better.

The groans that escaped was nothing short of shameful, but I couldn’t help myself at all. To catch glimpses of my dear sister sucking that monster, it was her delightful expression that told me she was a ‘pleaser’. After a few minutes of incestuous oral sex, I figured it was time to repay her favour.

I carried her to the top of the flight and placed her on the sturdy ground, before taking my position two steps down. My eyes couldn’t leave that glorious split of her pussy as I brought my mouth close, ‘making out’ with her genital with as much enthusiasm as she had earlier.

The sudden drop onto the floor, coupled with hush-hush moans, my tongue was getting strength from her satisfaction. Up and down, in and out, I threw everything I had at her until she jolted up and held my face an inch away from her clit.

Right then, two squirts hit my nose in viscous liquid while more flowed in a single trail down the first of many steps. I didn’t bother with that mess, nor could I be when she pulled my arms to get on top of her, knees hitting the edges until I was on the same ground as her.

‘Kor, put it in?’

The ankle pushing against my butt couldn’t be wrong. I relaxed my hips to let myself into her, into my sister that loved me in the different ways from how I treasured her. The warmth, was more than just sexual. She was so relaxed I could slip it in in one stroke, but I couldn’t.

So, slowly I went, to hear her leaking breaths, replaced by my shaft entering her. As wrong as it was, her tiny hands holding onto my shirt couldn’t want it less. By then, my hips were moving on their own, sending shivers and kitten-like purrs from her small frame.

I was losing control as the wind blew, not that I was trying to make it last as long as I could. It was the best feeling to feel the happiness she was receiving, throbbing wildly on my piercing jabs. How could I miss the gradual increase in her tightness, that wanted me more than I was giving? Gosh.. that feeling.

‘Kor! Mmmgh!’

‘I’m cumming too.’

Her feet slammed me down on her groin way before my time and I felt the shyest shiver, about to get stronger but couldn’t in front of her brother. Once more, I laid two thrusts into her and it unleashed it all. Another two squirts soaked into my pants and more juices flowed between my knees. She was the little girl in a fit in my arms, which I kept still until she quietened down.

That moment, my mind had wandered too far in front of that beautiful little girl from mum and dad, and turned me smaller by a bit.

‘Kor, take it out and let me help.’

Of course, I will have to at some point. I climbed onto my feet and she turned my back to the wall, kneeling like the obedient girl she seldom was. Those lips, the bare pink pair that went down easily on the lubricated rod, she was sucking me sky high.

I just stood motionless while she worked her magic, nudging me to the edge bit by bit, but sure to cum. When that moment finally came, she picked up her pace after my warning, and did not create any more suction. The explosion came after a minute of her gentle lip-massage, having my spirit leave me through that loin when she let everything spill on its own.

When her lips touched each other again, she swallowed my load and went back a few more times to clean me up. Still, that stain on my pants stayed visible.

‘Let’s go home now? We don’t have to come this far next time.’

‘Right. Next time.’

I couldn’t stop the erection that happened on the way home, not when I realised part of her panties could be seen when she walked in front of me. When we finally turned in, we didn’t exactly sleep immediately. The urges that built up on the trip home? Let’s just say it was enough for us to go another round, with protection this time.

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