The Monster

Written by Her.

Would it be weird if I could always sense the slipperiness of his cum in my hand when I rub my fingers together? Or how the aftertaste of some drinks reminded of me of him?

I had no idea what got into me when I woke up in the middle of nights, feeling fearful, but wet. He was none of that violent, forceful, selfish kind of guys when it comes to intimacy, giving in to my almost every requests no matter he liked it or not.

The number of times I felt breathless when my imagination ran wild, most prominent emotion being afraid of his other side, was distracting me more than I could afford to be. Was there even an opposite ‘him’? The man every girl dream of, the man even MEN would be jealous of. The nightmares that have woken me up in such weird moods were getting frequent.

After those nights, the things I did for him changed. Not that I wasn’t doing the usual or more than usual, but the way I did them, changed.

Just two nights ago, I was going down on him, while he was lying peacefully on his back. Something was making me go deeper, and faster. He began making noises I have never heard, though they seemed to sound ‘pleased’. Perhaps that was what I was doing, pleasing that other person my imagination created.

When I got tired and used my hands, my eyes couldn’t peel away from his face. Every breath of air, every closure of fists, it felt like he was holding something back. Something I wanted to know but feared.

That night, it was the usual routine for our bedroom activities. I went on my fours after the blowjob and stuck my ass out for him. He guided himself inside without any different from before, and fucked my brains out, if they were there at all.

‘You’re extra tight tonight!’, those words resonated louder than ever. If I could be honest, I would tell him how afraid I was. It was as though my body knew better than to please the monster wrongly. The unpredictable contractions, were so strong, tightness amplifying the texture on his shaft, making me quiver unlike before.

I could imagine how crazy his little one would go if he was to ‘disconnect’ it from his sanity. And that sort of threw me off even more. Before I realised, he was moving at his maximum speed, groaning in his cute voice that never once sounded dominating. In a way, he had me under his control from the pressurising vibe I was feeling.

Were we drifting apart that he felt more like a stranger to me? We haven’t done anything special nor untoward. We knew what little time we had due to our work.

A slight shiver brought me back to the room where we were fucking in and I had every doubt pulled out of me. My mind blanked to a beautiful white as he fell over my back, panting while his hips jerked uncontrollably.

The peaceful flood into my pussy, it brought everything back right there and then. I know I still love him. The brief moment of reluctance came and went when he pulled out, leaving me drooling cum out of my rightful end.

He fell on his sides in front of me and looked at me quietly, again, reminding me that something might be hiding behind that satisfied look.

‘Can you suck me till it’s small?’, I didn’t say anything and slid down to his waist, holding it in my mouth till the leftover cum was replaced by my saliva. We fell asleep after I snuggled into his arms, where his heartbeat guided me to lalaland.

Who is he? Really. Is there anyone else in there?

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