His Pet

‘J, you’re home!’

Melia came to the door after I removed my shoes and tucked my shoes away, taking over the backpack I had brought to work. Walking past the living room, she followed me into the master bedroom and proceeded to pull my shirt off as I unbuttoned them. As for my pants, she had skilfully undone the belt and lowered all to the floor, which I merely took a step out of.

‘I miss you J.’

Her arms around my waist was nothing less than reassuring, especially after a long day of no-text so I could focus. Knowing where needed most attention, I watched her wrap her fingers around the growing erection through the mirror next to us. It was throbbing so strongly in her motionless hand, and a little rub on the tip with her thumb got me all soft and weak.

‘What would you like me to do now?’

‘How about a blowjob?’

She turned me to the foot of the bed where she sat and shifted her curls to one side. Taking a few seconds to prepare her mind, her mouth went over the day-long unwashed cock for a good suck. My tiredness immediately left my body as her lips retracted, soothing my senses so magically.

Her saliva was flowing freely around the shaft as she increased her speed, causing me to lean back so she could reach deeper. The new input of energy was brightening my end of the day, and it was no surprise I got more charged up.

Five minutes of the enjoyable blowjob by the little pet I call ‘Melia’, I couldn’t let her mouth be the place I lose all my strength she granted.

‘Let’s shower now.’

Her hand remained over my rod as we made our way in, with her soaping my penis first. I had to cover the rest of the body while she was distracted with making ‘it’ bigger.

‘It’s clean now.’

The eyes looking at me from the toilet was full of shyness, as though she had a plan I wasn’t ready for. Her hand kept pumping in the quiet stall, until I had to stop her before I cum.

‘Let’s dry ourselves and get into the bed.’

She did the job for me and we went under the sheets, laying cosily with part of the blanket over her body for me. There was no special positions or unexpected surprises, just me, lying over her.

She guided my dick into her pussy, without a condom as usual, and let off the groan I always gave in to. Before I knew it, I was making noises in the tight grasps of her vagina. The countless times we did it and then have a AAR, taught me much more than having it my way.

This time, it was controlled, though against my body’s wishes – and her wishes. Thrusting slowly in full strokes that covered my entire length, our raging hormones were getting educated about ‘who’s the boss’. The more they wanted me to move faster, the more pauses there were.

As the sync between our self-imposed discipline and instincts began to fall into place, the ever-confidence-boosting control were complete in my groin. The most beautiful exchanges of sensual, timeless pleasure was the first of many that came, increasing both our sensitivity to their limits.

‘I’m going to move faster now.’

My upper body froze and the lower half ‘wormed’. My cock slammed into her with loud slapping sounds, adding music to the earlier mime. Her walls closed in on me as the pace broke my restrained mode, receiving the full impact that plummeted to her core.

The gradual shiver from her got more intense as I let myself loose, hammering that devoted little one with every bit of my strength.

‘I’m cumming!’

I backed away enough to remind my cock I still had control, and she was quick to get on her elbows in front of my hips. Taking that twitching, needy shaft between her lips, I tightened my fists to stop moving for her.

Gentle slurps overtook the impending sense of doom and quite changed the mood to a calm one. All it took then, was time to get ‘me’ out. The tireless girl worked her magic for another five minutes, before a hand on her cheek told her of what was coming.

A suction maintained at optimal pressure received the first shot of the life-giving fluid, churning the rest out to equalise the vacuum. Her arm across her body to her pussy was still working hard, to finish the orgasm I started.

By the time we tucked ourselves in bed, we were slightly sweaty again. My shrunken tool could only tremble exhausted in her fingers, while I laid my arm over her groin to keep her appeased.

‘Till tomorrow J.’

‘Goodnight little one.’

His last thoughts were how he would wake her up in a fashion she would be glad to. It’s one of those rest days he was inspired to treat her a little less, or more than a ‘pet’.

Melia, was his pet after all, one that he wouldn’t harm if without pleasure. A yearning to please, a desire to serve, he had became her purpose to look forward to, no matter how late it was, or tired he felt. For he had given her instructions, to never let him leave her presence with his balls full.

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