Drunken Stupor

Of all the guys at the party, he was the one who caught her eyes. A friend to all the females, and respected by his circle. It needed no figuring out to tell how much he was trusted by the guys, to crack jokes that silence the rowdy laughter, only for the girls to answer in a shy tone. If he sensed that there was a question someone was dying to know, he would ask.

‘Yes. The guy I like is with us.’

The brunette-haired girl in a short yellow dress brought the mood up immediately after she answered, taking a big gulp thereafter with a red-face. Somehow, she could tell he was the one no one could imagine being with. So selfless, to a point their secrets would be his if he knew any.

‘Hey, do you have a minute?’

The appearance of a pixie-cut, leggy little girl got the attention of everyone, for they knew things would be a little different without him around.

‘Go go! I’ll ask the questions next!’

He was about to reach for his glass when she pulled him away, walking off to cheers and catcalls from his gang. The strangers picked up a drink for him before they made their way halfway up a flight, standing just a feet away from each other.

‘You impressed me with the way you pulled off that hairstyle I hated.’

‘I’ll take that as a compliment!’

She leaned into his neck for a kiss and he gave a pat on her shoulder. Nothing from him seemed to want to go further, and it was that time she knew he wouldn’t have a say in what happened next.

Right at the top of the stairs, another couple was there, silhouette showing how intense their make-out game was. She didn’t wait another second and snatched his glass away, dropped it at a risky height for it to make a sturdy landing, and pushed her hands up his shirt.

‘Hey! I’m not.. ‘

Her soft lips had given him no better reason to melt, somewhat sticky from her lipgloss, but sexy nonetheless. Berries, he tasted when she stuck an inch of her tongue into her mouth, meeting his which was lured out into the open. None of those who walked past them was more concerned than the awkward man, though he tried his best not to show it.

When he felt his belt unclasped, his resisting hands were shoved under her white blouse.

‘They should be here.’

He felt the temperature changed on his cock, signalling the full ‘disclosure’ of her actions. Her palm, with fingers closed, caught his dick at a comfortable grip that he could only fall deeper into the abyss. Furious strokes coupled with playful tip rubs, he was as hard as any norman men.

‘Wait for it.’


She dropped to her knees and began sucking his cock, making those savoury noises that aided his vision in the dark. Taking a pause after a few strokes, she sipped some from his glass into her jaws. Jerking and shoving that piece of rod between her lips, a beverage-mixed-saliva was smeared all over his groin. A few others walked past them again but intentionally turned away after they figured out what was going on. Still unafraid, she increased her speed to make him groan weakly.

‘Hey hey.. I’m gonna cum if you keep going.. ‘

‘Then I will.’

Her mouth went over his shaft again after she replied and dived all the way down, gagging at the base for a few long seconds. The sensation of a throat convulsing over his manhood was something to behold, since he had not felt anything like that before.

Partly assisted by the alcohol right on his member, he was higher than before during the whole crazy act. She just relentlessly kept going till he slammed her head into his groin, and buckling to the powerful streams of cum shooting out of his cock.

At throat depth, she swallowed the first bits before she could ‘collect’ the rest after he freed his hands. Guiding every drop of his precious load out into her mouth, his knees almost gave way if not for the wall he was leaning on.

Her face reappeared in front of him after she was done, and swirled that whitish fluid before swallowing. They wore his pants back and were back to kissing again, while his hands fondled her nipples more affectionately this time.

‘You will repay the favour soon.’

She slipped into his front pocket for his phone and dialled her number. Once she had something on him, he was led back to his group.

‘Where did you two go?’

‘Somewhere dark, for me to taste him better.’

She walked away after a scheming wink, garnering the concern of the other ‘overexposed’ girl in the cliche. No one had their way with him after the stranger, but that did not stop his admirer from confessing to him that night, as if to prevent someone coming from nowhere, from getting to him first.

How would he choose now?

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