More than Sick

Andy (on phone): ‘What did you wear today?’
Elaine (on phone): ‘Just the usual skirt and tank top?’
Andy (on phone): ‘What? Didn’t I tell you I don’t like you wearing that?’
Elaine (on phone): ‘C’mon. I was with my bunch of friends. All girls!’
Andy (on phone): ‘Fine!’

He dropped the line and made a call to two friends whom he trusted since the army days. They had been waiting for him since he learnt that she went drinking, well-expecting her to wear something suitable.

Andy (on phone): ‘Guys. Go ahead.’

He held his phone away from his face and watched the screen, angled from the position in one of their pockets, facing forward. He saw his girlfriend appear from the open walkway under her block, and the guys proceeded to keep the packet of cigarettes on the table.

Immediately, they dashed for her and swept her off her feet, one person tipping her back and the other picking her up by her calves. The hand over her mouth had kept everything near absolute silence, apart from the ruffling in his shirt pocket.

Andy only looked closer as they stopped after going a flight of stairs up the first floor. The guy at her feet spread them open mercilessly, and moved himself between her legs to prevent them from shutting. From the pocket of the guy at her head, he was given the full frontal view of the dick appearing from his zipper, and leaning over her struggling body.

Guy: ‘Wearing like this so late in the night.. Heh!’

Her shoulders were forced to the ground and could no longer be seen after he used his lower body to hold her still. The arm across the frame kept her noises to the minimum, as the friend at her pussy started fucking her.

Though it was an awkward position, his upright thrusts really hit her deep and forcefully. The groans by his friend was so funny to hear, very likely unaware to how they sounded as long as they were ‘helping’ a friend.

Within minutes, the first guy was showing a thumbs up as he lashed out the last bit of strength at her, belly ‘waving’ at its maximum speed till he froze in frame.

Guy: ‘Cumming! Cumming! Ahhh!’

Her tensed arms almost knocked the guy at her head off balance but that wasn’t going to happen too easily. After the zippers went up, the two swapped positions with such swiftness. They were after all on a mission of pleasure and lesson.

The second dick pierced into her with a suppressed scream from below his phone display. Phone handed over to the now-restraining-guy to hold, he could aim and point at where Andy might be interested at. The close up at her shaking head was a delight to see, but most of the scenes remained blurry in motion.

Guy 2 (groaning): ‘My turn now! Nnnnrghh!’

That hip really drove his cum up her pussy with that few thrusts Andy could make out, and there was no one faster in their getaway than The Flash. Once FaceTime was over, he waited for a few gleeful minutes before calling her again.

Andy (on phone): ‘Are you home yet?’
Elaine (crying on phone): ‘No.. but.. can you come over now?’

She told him of her location and he made his way down, which he never expected to have done after how she was so hostile towards him eariler. When she was held in his arms, he was so sure she would tear his shirt. Never again, would she not listen to him, and wear those reassuring tights under her bottoms if they need to be open ended.

With all three men getting the mission done, the only victim remained as the one who was raped.

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