Ever Ours

(Maeve saying) ‘That’s him.’

I looked at the bus stop she was facing and immediately spotted an obvious figure standing right in front the illuminated JCDecaux advertisement board, busy tapping away on his phone. As Maeve still had about half a cigarette to finish, I made my way to the guy who had caught the attention of my precious loved one, taking a substantial amount of our late-night texting time away from me. It was only natural to believe, that he must be something.

Having found him on (her) Tinder, he so-called ‘did’ everything right in getting her interested, portraying a figure with authority she became so bent on cracking. Over months of conversation and bringing me up to speed on the progress with him, there was indeed something we could do for him. After all, he was still under the impression that she was single, and it was our duty to make up to him with something hard to resist after she told him the truth.


‘Yeah. Are you Jhae?’

‘Yes. She’s smoking at the dustbin behind me. We will go over as soon as I am done. You still remember what she said about being uncomfortable?’

‘I will stop whatever I am doing, and if I am not doing anything, pack my bag and walk out of the room without saying a word.’

‘Good. You remember. Let’s go.’

As soon as we began walking towards Maeve, she took the longest look at the Eden who captivated her mind like I did a long time ago, being the culprit that caused many of our near-perfect dinner dates to be filled with her excited discussion of him.

Maeve followed us at a distance until we reached the entrance of the budget hotel that I paid for, which Maeve and I went ahead first to check in.

After we got settled down, Eden joined us in the room where Maeve was already lying in bed, unrestrained except for a blindfold over her eyes. We, the two guys, quickly tidied the room up a bit before I got into bed, setting the mood by making out with my awaiting lady. At the same time, I removed her white, crochet crop top and leggings, leaving only in her red lacy panties and black bra.

In the absence of any visual distraction, it truly felt as though we were alone, advancing in ways otherwise usual as if Eden wasn’t there. Upon feeling Maeve’s panties getting soaked, I signalled him to remove her underwear, finally relieving that stuffiness in her groin.

As agreed earlier, he kept his underwear on and proceeded to lay his chest at the foot of the bed, facing her juicy tenders. I pulled one of her thighs apart and let him handle the other side, spreading her much wider than he would need to bury his face in her pussy.


‘No don’t stop! Keep going! Hold her legs open. I’ll keep her still.’

In that face-paced twist of event, Maeve had no other choice but to let her body do the enjoying, blowing up shortly after with orgasms. Her hand found its way into my underwear and I was getting frantically jerked off as she moaned into my lips, frequently gasping for air whenever he hit a certain spot.

A few minutes later, I stopped him and got off the bed together, exchanging places but upped the game further by letting him lie along her side. I grabbed her hand and dropped it onto his manhood, that was twitching and throbbing with so much lust.

‘Do you know what to do with it?’

‘Uh huh.’

The one standing at her feet, me, guided her into a doggystyle position that put her head at his cock, while I capped myself. Within a minute after she started going down on him, I inched my cock into her pussy and began thrusting, driving her wild with the confusion of having two dicks inside her.

In a twisted way, she got so wet beyond anything I have experienced with her, and I reciprocated her obedience by being harder than I could imagine. Pumping my whole day of energy into her, her moans were louder than the music her phone has been playing, swapping the ‘uncertain’ mood for a crazy one that made her climax more times than she could count.

Nnnnggghhhh nnnnghhhh

A panicky wave in the air alerted me to his demise and I shouted a cue to get her mentally prepared.


‘Wait! Where? Who!’


A slip of both supporting arms landed him the deep throat she barely practiced, triggering a powerful jerk of his hips that needed no more guessing. Hard, violent twitches of his chest, combined with those curled toes I had a full view of, showed me the process in which he emptied his load into my beautiful girl.

Within moments after Maeve took her mouth off him to swallow every drop of it, he got dressed as I gently placed her on her back, re-entering in a more romantic, missionary style. I kept my pace slow and teasing until the door slammed shut, so I could unleash the final gush of unexpressed love unto her.

My hips went off with a bang onto her hips for the rest of the deep, forceful strokes to follow suit, overwhelming her sore pussy even more when she couldn’t get me to slow down. I just went berserk on her with thoughts of how she actually made another guy cum in my presence, a mood mixed with rage and pleasure.

To relieve some of the ache caused by my slamming groin, she could only rub her clit to ease herself, until I was ready to deliver.

‘I’m cumming this time.’

‘The second time?’

‘No. First.’

She yanked the blindfold off at that exact moment I collapsed on her as cum rushed out of my big, pink pipe, filling that condom up with so much heat she couldn’t get enough of. At that intense moment, I received the tightest hug, wettest kiss, on top of her inescapable wrap of her legs.

(I asked) ‘Did you like it?’

‘Yes.. I couldn’t tell you and him apart.’

Slightly taken aback by her statement, I rolled away from her and pulled her into my arms, so I could ask, ‘What do you mean?’

‘Did he go down on me?’


‘Was he the one who came in my mouth?’


‘Well.. he ate me out the same way you did, and tasted the same as you.. I couldn’t tell. I’m.. I’m sorry.’

All I could do was to hold her as tight as I could, knowing that he might well be her ‘one’ if she hasn’t met me first. Although I felt a bit sour at the end of it, she only loved me harder than before, climbing on top of me and riding me raw.

No matter how fiercely I fought to put a condom on or get her off me, she did what she did the first time we had sex, by letting (or making) me cum inside her, a move she so immensely enjoyed to a point she would scoop my cum out of herself to savour them.

Those worries I had about having unprotected sex, and cumming inside her?

(Maeve confessed) ‘I’ve been on the pill for a few months now, for you.’

And that’s my baby.

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