Sharing Pleasure

I, would be lying, if I said I wasn’t least turned on when she raised her arms to tie her hair into a high ponytail I strangely had a fetish for, smiling at me as if I looked silly staring at her. After the most lighthearted dinner along with a few drinks at the bar two streets away, I had to ask her up to a rooftop nearby where we would get a great view of the cityscape, too far from any main roads, but still close to civilisation.

‘What are you expecting?’, she asked, as if my eyes had given my dirty thoughts away. I had to clear my throat before replying her ‘nothing. You’re nice to look at’. Argh. I hope she didn’t take that wrong, she was more than just a cutiepie!

‘Right’, the next smile she gave melted my softened heart to a puddle of love, driving blood away from the bulge I was guilty of stirring. As I looked to the side at the flashing light in the sky, she continued with her sentence, ‘I was thinking more’.

‘What more?’, I wished I held that question back so not to push my luck too far, though it was her who was doing exactly just that. ‘More’, she took a step at that one-word cue into the man-gap I had unconsciously made with my opened legs, coming close enough for me to take a whiff of her alluring, bodily scent.

Right there, hands running around my neck lifted my chin up to her face, eyelids suddenly trembling to an unknown weakness. Having shut her eyes before me, it was a sight to behold when her face descended onto my lips, instigating a long drag of her aura through my nostrils, directly into my lungs.

That single move awakened the inactivity in my pants to set up a tent in record time, of a few seconds I hoped she wouldn’t misunderstand me. Unsure if it was her tired knees or me, she slowly lowered herself until I was looking down at her, or her panties once we broke contact.

She grabbed my hands and placed them on her knees, before leaving them to fend, or explore while she slid her palms across my pants I never knew were so smooth. The closer she moved to my groin, the further I moved up her skirt. To make things a little easier, I hooked my pinkies at the hems and pulled them along the way, until her milky-soft thighs were exposed.

As soon as I felt her hand make a clench on my manhood, I reached between her thighs for that perfect, semi-circle mound that felt a little moist to the touch. ‘Hey’, she whispered, ‘I was supposed to be leading’. My belt, clunked annoyingly loud to her flustered fingers, but not before I made a long swipe down her cameltoe with my middle finger.

A groan of ecstasy sent her backwards onto her bum and I immediately helped her to a corner, sitting next to her as she brought my hand back to her pussy. My zipper was already undone then and it was a swift sleight of her hand to get into my briefs, wrangling that meat stick out into the open.

I was worried again when she fell over my cock she just pulled out, only to be smothered by her mouth going over the tip for a hard suck. The shocked me instantly reached into the back of her panties, and didn’t stop until I came in contact with a wet, slimy slit that brought upon another moan.

My fingers went to work as quickly as she went down on me, sparking a competition to drive each other wild as fast as we could, with both of us being either winners or losers in this match. Twitching thighs, gasping breaths, the moment I stuck a second finger into her pussy, a deep throat maneuver forced a loud groan from me for us to sober up with.

‘Shhhh!’, an angry hush came my way and that was the end – of foreplay. Not only was I astonished, I was slightly confused when she stood up to go over to the railing, and stripping her panties off. A sexy throwback-look magnetised me to where she waited and her knees bent so ever slightly for me. That hint being so obvious, I hastily held my cock horizontally straight and made a few blind brushes along her labia, causing moans that sounded the same – except for one.

That distinct voice of pleasure sucked me right into her eager love hole, triggering a spat of shallow-but-fast thrust at her pussy. A new experience for me to be joining our bodies at such heights, it was easy for us to lose ourselves in the moment, making out at the side while my cock plowed her vagina clean.

In seductive, exasperated voice, she was calling for me to be gentle, and go faster whenever she was close to an orgasm. The beautiful, public sex led her to three orgasms in a row, while I grew more sensitive and submissive to her tightening hole that showed no mercy.

‘I’m gonna cum. I can’t move anymore’, that disappointing statement straightened her back away from me, dislodging my cock from that heavenly gate, but that apparently was her cue for something else.

She pulled her skirt over her hips and sat on the ground, dropping jaws and wrapping fingers around my cock in anticipation.

‘Fuck my mouth, then cum inside’, a tug brought my hips forward, and into her mouth. She grabbed my hand instinctively and slapped it over the back of her head, as if.. wanting me to fuck her mouth literally.

And so I did.

I caught a bundle of her hair and shoved her face into my groin, choking, gagging her till she found the right width to set her jaws in. In less than a minute, it felt as good as fucking her pussy, except that it was less ‘tormenting’, and more stimulating.

I used her mouth for a good five minutes that must have felt like an eternity for her, minus the fact that she had began rubbing herself midway through that violent sex I didn’t quite approve of.

‘Here it comes’, I groaned in a whisper as I buried my pubes in her nose, waiting for a second for that load, I had no idea how big, to flush down her throat that I was so sure my tip was at. The ensuing contraction squeezed every bit of cum out of my shaft and the long way out of her mouth was also well taken care of, by her lips which milked everything else.

We went back to that corner things got really hot in and wore our clothes back, but not before she asked, ‘do you want me to put on my panties?’. I threw her a ‘no’ to see if she was joking, and she proved me wrong.

The walk down the roof and to the mall we had dinner at, was a fun one to say the least. Eyes were on her shapely ass that had no sign of panties, and the wait for a cab had men surrounding the white spaghetti-top, short black skirt clad girl.

Her place, was where we would head, for anything more or less. A keeper?

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