I would say that it was the first time I had a stranger over, to my estate in an unnamed, forested area containing houses that stood at minimally two-floors tall. ‘Cotton’, the girl whom I personally made three cotton candies for, caught me after work for a quick dinner, seeing that I haven’t had a meal since she came in and studied for the last four of our operating hours.

After the meal, she didn’t want to go home yet but I had to, since I was running a full shift the next day. Before I knew it, she was just screeching in delight the moment she stepped through the door (with a smart lock), up the stairs and a ladder to the lap pool I had no idea why I needed one in the first place.

To my surprise, she was cool about stripping down to her lingerie to get a dip as soon as I gave her the go-sign, though mostly taking selfies with her S7 I’ve seen one too many advertisements on.

On that same roof, there was a glass shed I spent many nights in, doing my work on that Italian bed I wouldn’t sleep in if I didn’t want to get a tan as soon I wake up. Now that I took a second look at it, there was just so much unneeded technology and furniture that I didn’t use them for their intended use.

‘This.. is hands-down the best house I’ve ever been in!’

‘I know right.’

Of course I do. It was the last day of work before a consecutive three day break came for me. Swirling the glass of wine in my hand, I took another sip before she lunged towards me on the day bed.

‘Is this your really yours?’

‘Does it matter? I don’t have any bras or panties in my wardrobe.’

She held the base of my glass and tipped the rest of it into her mouth, and licked her plain lips for me. Since the moment I noticed the t-shirt-and-shorts-clad girl gave me too many two-seconds glances, I knew we were both up to something.

To top off whatever feelings we had sparked, the last straw was undoubtedly the sight of my residence.

As I poured myself another glass, she unclasped her bra and dragged her hands down my chest, onto the buckle of my belt which she easily undone. My dick quickly rose to her few casual caress that made me question her intentions, though I couldn’t ponder much once she began going down on me.

In front of me, a neck-lengthed hair girl was sucking me in long, slow, sensual descend of her lips, making me so relaxed especially after a continuous week of work. I clicked on the levers at the back of the bed and lowered myself flat, before she started moving her hips over my head.

Within minutes, I was eating her smooth, shaved pussy out as she devoured my cock hungrily, getting more eager as I tickled her clit with my tongue. In between the oral treat, she was taking sips from the bottle, amplifying the sensation bursting through my mind with the alcohol that seeped through my foreskin.

Not before long, she wriggled her ass down my body, and stopped an inch away from tucking me inside her.

(Cotton asked politely) ‘Can I ride it?’

‘Anything you like.’

She carefully pushed the tip into her pussy and let her juices did the rest of the work, gliding so beautifully into her soothing gap of pleasure. Straightening her back for a more comfortable ‘trip’, it was the breathtaking scene of a mist-covered canopy that got her into the mood.

I wasn’t allowed to ‘take over’ or do anything else while she rode me, so gently and calmly without making so much a slutty groan.

‘Can we continue inside there?’

‘Before that, turn around and keep me inside.’

She did as I told and it made things easier for me to carry her, into the shed she was so interested in. Onto the bed we went, and a wilder side of her was set loose upon me. She used her knees to lift her ass up so ever slightly, just to slam downwards repeatedly for me to groan in desperation.

It almost felt like I was being raped in my own house, though she looked way sexier than in those clothes she hid in earlier. For the next ten minutes, she was grinding, riding, bouncing on my cock with short breaks in between for her to rub herself to climaxes.

On my part, I was barely holding it in so I wouldn’t cum into her. Least but not all, I got to a point I couldn’t take it anymore and had to call it in, I was going to explode if she had even gone for a second more.

As carefully as she could, she picked herself up and went into 69 again, for me to lick her clean while she sucked me dry. My eruption went amazingly well into her skilled mouth that wasted not a single drop, and even managed to get an orgasm from my mouth to end that perfect night.

Lying in my arms, there was almost nothing else that mattered for a satisfied man, except, for where we were ending up in.

‘Will you let me be the one and only to make you whole?’

‘Honestly, I have never heard anyone speak that that in real life. And yes. For now.’

She then stripped me completely naked before leading me to the pool again, where we had another splashing round of sex. It was me discovering my whole house over again, while inside her.

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