With the wireless vibrator buzzing inside Mae for the whole fifteen minutes trip home, there was nothing but ferocity when she pushed me onto the couch, even if there was a GoPro aimed right at us from the front. Hastily undoing my belt, she combed her luscious ash-red hair over her shoulders and began planting kisses along my shaft as it came into view.

While she started sucking on the tip that got me fidgeting in my seat, my mind could barely focus on getting the WiFi-connected camera to begin recording.

(She moaned) ‘Mmm.. mmm.. ‘

(I whispered) ‘We’re live now, you’re the star of the.. AHHH!’

My back sank into the sofa as she landed the first stroke of deep throat for the night, disengaging my thoughts from her eager mouth. My eyes just faded out into grey as she devoured my full erection over and over again, sending me grasping for the cushions we hardly use.

In the messy, sex-starved situation, I almost had to empty my sling bag for the remote control, to see if any of those different pulses still made a difference to her blowjob. Upon clicking on the button which I have no idea what mode it triggered, she threw a glare at me that seemed terrifying.

‘Okay. I’m done with this.’

She stood upright with a stern face, before tying her waist-length hair into a bun before my anticipating eyes. There was little I did once she climbed over my lap, instructing me to lie lower so she could.. sit on my cock.

(She moaned) ‘OH GOD! I miss this so much!’

That moment when her wet, wet pussy slid over my unexpecting shaft was so gratifying that my senses everywhere went numb, except for the swollen, red stick she was bouncing wildly on.

‘MAE! Mae! You’re going too fast!’

‘I don’t care. I just want you inside me.’

My concern went completely unheard as she flung her head back in ecstasy, hips rocking back and forth to keep my dick brushing every nook and cranny inside her. As for me, I could only respond with whatever my body was screaming for, in groans and grunts that sounded too agonising for the camera I almost forgot about.

(She continued moaning) ‘You’re gonna make me come! I’M COMING!’

The sign of a hand diving for her clit alerted me to the incoming orgasm, assisted by vigorous rubbing on that shimmering pink pearl hidden under a little ‘hood’, I was about to go through that mind blowing contraction that I have fallen helplessly into every time!


A hard slam on my groin followed by a long silence ensured that I felt the powerful clutches happening inside her, that could have easily made me cum if she kept moving.

After a minute, she collapsed on my chest and I decided to help her off. Mae lazily slid to the floor on her knees and resumed that addictive blowjob by her nimble tongue, driving me back into insanity within seconds.

The faster her head bobbed, the harder I would moan for her. It was pure pleasure that sent my adrenaline pumping so quickly around my body, causing the involuntarily twitching of my thighs.

‘Mae. Mae? I think I’m going to cum. Keep going baby. Just like this.. ‘

My soft warning brought one of her hands around the base of my cock to jerk me as she gave all her attention to the ‘ring’ under my dick head, doing a ‘combo attack’ with her fingers and mouth.

Just thirty seconds later, I was cringing so hard for the violent bursts of cum that exited my penis, spraying straight into the contained comfort of her awaiting mouth. That gorgeous little thing then did exactly what she knew made me felt best, by gently sucking that exhausting sausage shallower and shallower until I was out of her mouth.

The next few seconds were spent waiting for the few droplets of cum that would ooze out of my cock, but there was nothing else besides that. In six minutes, we had unleashed, contained and tamed the wild beasts inside of us.

A shower later, we were in the comfort of our bed we had paid so much attention to, in making it the most luxurious furniture we had in the whole house. Just like how we slept every night, I gave her a massage between her legs to ease the soreness she sometimes caused herself, and enjoyed another round of love making with me doing most of the work for the tired baby I wouldn’t give up for anything in the world.

Goodnight baby M.

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