Secret Visit

(Call from an unknown number) ‘What time can you reach Park Royal Pickering?’

‘May I know who is this?’

‘Someone related to Nat. Do you know her? Or did I get the wrong number?’

‘Is it that Nat from Tumblr?’

‘Yessss.. what time can you reach? I think you should come pick her up.’

In my mind, I couldn’t think of any good reasons that needed someone to call me on her behalf, to pick her up. No matter how little I knew about her, she was someone I couldn’t just ignore if it was so desperate.

‘Umm.. as soon as I can? 30 minutes?’

‘Okay. Come up to room 334 once you reach. Call this number when you’re at the door. Hurry.’

I put on the jeans I just stepped out off and GRABed a car to that hotel, unable to stop thinking about the emergency that risked exposing her identity. Putting all ‘impressions’ I assumed about her aside, I could only hope my appearance would get her out of whatever danger she was in.

Just five minutes before my estimated ’30 minutes’ deadline, I reached the doorstep and rang that number which called me earlier. There was so much uncertainty about what was going on behind the door that got me shaking in cold sweat.

‘You’re outside? I’m coming out.’

A man around my height in blue jeans and black polo tee appeared from the door but did not let the door close, instead, standing just a feet away to keep both eyes, one indoor and the other at me, at the same time.

‘Firstly, I want to apologise for asking you down in such a hurry, and secondly, I’ll need to take your bag and phone.’

‘What’s happening? Is it that serious?’

I handed him both items in a hurry to see what was up with Nat, which he finally gave way to let me in after collecting my belongings.

That instant I pushed through that door, I saw her, recognisable by the photos she posted of herself, lying sideways on the bed with one hand between her legs, supposedly – rubbing. Except for a set of black caged bra and thongs, there were just, four other men standing aroud her – naked.

(Random man) ‘Please do. We have been expecting you.’

‘What? Expecting me to?’

‘Be the first.’

One of them rolled her onto her back and the rest of them held one limb each, spreading her flat like.. a bedsheet. On top of her erratic shivering I didn’t understand, she had those pleading eyes staring straight at me, as if I had a way to help her.

(Man who phoned me) ‘Nat has been given something that will keep her wet for the whole night. You will be the first to ‘scratch’ The itch inside her pussy, and they will only go after you. It’s your call to help her.’

He raised a handycam at the bed and I knew everyone was waiting for me. Patient, understanding, calm. I had no idea where they came from. Seeing that no one had moved a muscle (except for Nat), I stripped myself to the nines and climbed onto the bed between Nat’s opened legs.

As soon as I got into position, the men went into an adjacent room and left me with the camera man, and her. Unsure if this was the Nat I knew, there was nothing composed about her. She sat up after everyone was gone and began jerking my cock hungrily, from a totally shrunken state to a hardness I was slightly ashamed of.

My assumption of her wanting to put my cock inside her was proved wrong when she devoured my cock in a flash, bobbing her own head up and down in a seated, upright position. I could tell how awkward her neck was feeling, but she just kept going.

In a sick way, I am finally having my chance with this girl so desired on her Tumblr blog, but at the same time..

(She whispered) ‘Do you want to do it raw?’

(Man shouted) ‘HEY! NO TALKING!’

A sheet of paper from ‘Raffles’ dangling in front of my eyes showed ‘Negative’ for any known STDs, certifying the safety of her offer for my benefit.

(Man stated) ‘The rest of them will have to use a rubber.’

By then, Nat had went into the doggystyle position and was wriggling her ass at me, arching her hips in such a way to ‘push’ her pussy outwards. I didn’t waste a second longer and guided my dick in, gliding easily all the way for her to let off a satisfying moan.

I barely got my hands on her waist when she started rocking her body back at me, fucking me ahead of – me. In a helpful way, I took over the control and plunged as far, and as hard, as I could to fulfil my desire for acknowledgement. The louder she moaned, the better I knew I was doing. She literally went hysterical when I bent my body over her back, giving her a taste of how bunnies did it, for a good one minute straight.

That sex-raged girl didn’t even ask when she suddenly crawled away from me to roll herself over, tugging my cock towards her pussy for some face-to-face ‘lovin”. Fucking the legendary Nat from behind was one thing, and it was definitely different when I got a feel of her affection from the top.

Our lips locked like long-lost lovers, making out in a subtle, sensual way (mostly without tongue) that drove my senses totally berserk. If I could depict my motion in and out of her, I would call it ‘graceful’. I tried my best to keep slamming my hips at her, while she continued moaning through the kisses we exchanged.

(I whispered breathlessly) ‘Nat.. I’m cumming.. ‘

‘Inside me please.. it will let the rest know who I really want to be fucked by.. all of it.. ‘

Those words, they did nothing but trigger sad memories of my exes, leaving my mind as a new, different, special, memory was made with Nat. We ended up hugging each other tightly as I let my groin did the rest of the work, slamming so ever violently at her pussy, until we heard the deep, relieving groan from each other.

I slid off her body after a while and she curled herself up around my hips, licking every bit off before she kissed it goodbye. At that moment, the camera man, whom she whispered was ‘M’, opened the connecting door to let the other men in, setting off a combo of gleeful claps and cheers.

As for me, I opted out of ‘watching’ and stayed in the other room for drinks. That whole event ended at around 3am, which was the time I woke up after falling asleep unknowingly. The cherry on top of the icing on top of the cake turned out to be a night with Nat in the same room she was gangbanged, while the cleaner bed was left to M.

That night, she slept with me inside her and I was awakened by the gentle grinding of her pussy. My morning wood, it seemed, lasted a little too long for her comfort but she couldn’t complain through the voice-crushing moans.

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