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As if the girls were already like this for the whole day, Martin was in a shocked-surprised mood when he saw them coming up to him naked. Stacey, the one with shoulder-length, brown hair, almost snatched his briefcase off his hand to stash it away, while Jacie, the younger of two with waist-length hair, started undoing his shirt as he tried to walk to the master bedroom.

For the two sister-close friends from Hong Kong, he was their ‘daddy’, whom had initially rented out a room to them while they took a same degree at a private university. Often mistakened as ‘sisters’, they were very much identical when it came to their slim yet curvy, and unusually fair body. As far as their neighbours knew, he was their landlord, who hardly spoke nor greeted them even though the three of them lived in the same house.

‘Wow. Can you girls wait?’

‘For? It’s already.. ‘

He kicked his pants away to their impatience and stepped into the showers with them, barely lifting a finger to clean himself as they were fighting for the soap to lather him up. Although all of this sounded like a ‘perfect ending’, Martin himself, wasn’t sure if any of this was good for him at all.

At age 36 and still single, he was stuck in a cubicle job, with more colleagues older than him. The monotonous routine kept him from any new interaction with other ladies outside his workplace. Mediocre salary, boring life, little hobbies, the chance to get married and have kids looked even slimmer with these two girls, almost half his age, lusting him more than he needed them to.

(Stacey exclaiming) ‘It’s clean now! I’ll go first!’

A groan escaped his mouth as she stuck his cock between her lips, milking them with her eyes locked on his face for those silent gasps that directly expressed her blowjob skills. Jacie moved on to drying their bodies while he moaned away, and began wrestling Stacey once her job was done.

Seeing how Martin was so distracted to give her (Jacey) a chance, she violently dragged him out of the bathroom to the queen-sized bed they shared every night. Now with both girls working on his fully loaded manhood, he could not think of anything else but sink deeper into this mess he didn’t know when would end.

(Jacey whispering to Stacey) ‘No condoms today. Shhh.. ‘

(Stacey whispering back) ‘okay.. ‘

Jacey then started pecking her way up his body to keep him in that very same mood, leaving Stacey to maintain his erection with her mouth. Just as he found himself drifting off to sleep under that skilled mouth, a hand went around his cock and a pussy quickly slipped itself over it.


(Jacey shouting in excitement) ‘NO! I like this better!’

The rodeo-style bull ride lasted for less than ten seconds before Stacey subdued him by sitting on his face, grinding her pussy over his mouth so her friend could ride in ‘peace’. The three fucked up, sex-crazed musketeers went non-stop in this lock down position for a long time, taking a break only for Stacey’s turn to ride him.

In that ten-duration of ‘forced raw sex’, Martin had gathered enough strength to throw them both off his body. A following fit of anger unleashed a monster neither of them had seen before, having forcefully positioned in doggystyle side by side each other.

One pussy having his cock pounding deep and loud inside it, the other would have three, not two, not one, but three, fingers gorging the life out of it.




A few swaps between the two wet pussies left them panting for their lives, before he hustled Jacey to lie on her back with her face at his balls. He figured it was time for Stacey, the more considerate one who often let Jacey finish him off, to get some ‘love’.

Dipping his cock back into Jacey’s mouth, he wriggled his fingers vigorously inside Stacey, plunging her into consecutive orgasms to make sure she was as tight as she could get before he emptied his load into her.

After five minutes of face fucking Jacey, he yanked his cock out of her and rammed it deep into Stacey’s gasping hole, fucking her with the last burst of energy. It was so tormenting for the girl below to watch that piece of fat cock plugging her friend so mercilessly, although she was having her pussy eaten out at the same time.


(Jacey crying out) ‘HEY!’

The momentary pause showing him balls-deep in Stacey marked the end of the most happening part of their threesome, having only ‘leftovers’ when he pulled out to use her mouth for cleaning up. The disappointed Jacey kept her arms around Martin’s thighs as she sucked him dry, but that wasn’t exactly the end of it.

(Stacey asking) ‘Jay.. Open your mouth.. I’m.. something for you.. ‘

A blob of cum came rolling down from her pussy onto her clit, before dripping into Jacey’s mouth. The girls then engaged in a short ’69’ workout while Martin went into the toilet for a quick rinse.

The three of them were beyond exhausted by the time they had cleaned themselves up, leaving no more energy but to sleep in Martin’s arms. Well, that was exactly how he had planned to spend the night – to get a good night of sleep for yet another boring day at work.

Hmm.. quite a wild experience to think about no? Not so for Martin, since the girls had visited a sex shop after school to get some bondage gear to get back at him, along with a prescription of contraceptive pills for them to start a new chapter of cost-saving, condom-free, landloard-pleasing night activities.

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