Maeve’s Demise

‘Hey! You know Maeve right?’


‘I think she’s in some kind of trouble. Can you come with me?’

‘Yeah yeah! Let’s go.’

Although I didn’t know Maeve that well, there were no reasons not to help her out if I could help it. I followed that girl on a walk so rushed that I was almost running, to a flat that wasn’t so far away from my workplace. Coming up to the highest floor, the sight of another girl, and the state Maeve was in, caught me by complete surprise.

While the girl next to her was decently dressed, Maeve wasn’t. For some reason that didn’t seem well, her wrists were tied to the metal pipes in the corner of the stair landing, with the shoulder straps of her dress lowered to her hips, leaving her upper body exposed in a white bra.

‘Woah! Did you find her like that?’

‘Haha! No? We tied her up!’

‘What? Why?’

‘Cause I found out that the guys we like, are texting her. And she kept talking to them.’

‘But it isn’t her fault right?’

‘Yeah. So this, isn’t her fault too. If you don’t want us to hurt her, you’ll have to do as WE say. Deal?’

‘Yeah. Anything to get her out of this!’

‘Good. First, put your bag down. And then take off your pants.’

I responded immediately to that command and stripped my jeans off with my underwear, standing just a few steps away from that sorrowful-looking girl I knew as a regular at my bar.

Before I could make out what they were planning to do, the both of them stood at each of my side, hands reaching under my shirt and roaming for Maeve to watch. Slowly, they made their way down my belly and around my groin, working on my disinterested cock with a double handjob.

Needless to say, I got hard eventually and it was my turn to show her my sorry face. There was just no way I could NOT get turned on by their sensual ‘massage’.

‘ Maeve. I want you to remember this.’

The second girl whom I haven’t heard speak went down on her knees and took my cock, held horizontally straight by her friend, into her mouth. What ensued was a mind-blowing trip into a very wet, warm mouth that weakened my knees instantly. That girl, who I will address as ‘Butterfly’ for the tattoo I spotted on her right shoulder, was going as deep as however long I was.

All six inches of me disappeared and appeared over and over again, in more saliva and length and girth each time. I was, getting bigger during the course of that blowjob!

(While Butterfly looked at Maeve) ‘Mmm! Your man.. he’s yummy!’

‘Peace’, like that very logo was seen on the left chest of the girl who led me there, ended the oral sex after she saw how swollen and red I had gotten. She then stood between Maeve and I to do a sexy dance to remove her panties from under her skirt, before going up close to Maeve’s face.

‘I’m going to fuck him now Maeve. Just like how those guys want to do to you. Watch.’

Butterfly brought me a few steps forward to the ass Peace stuck out for me, and guided my erection between her vaginal lips. A slap on my butt sent me penetration that vengeful girl from behind, sinking inch after inch into her pussy.

‘Oh fuck! He’s really big!’

(Peace whispered loudly) ‘MOVE!’

Slightly taken aback by that instruction, I took a second to start thrusting into Butterfly, causing her to moan a tad too loud in that quiet neighbourhood. Not about to last ‘as long as I can’, I pumped her with all my strength, forcing yelps out of her as I churned her insides out with my cock.

Although I was fucking Butterfly, my eyes had never left Maeve. It looked as if she understood where my mind was, and it wasn’t inside the girl my dick was fucking.

(Butterfly moaned) ‘ARGHH! I’m gonna come!’

A push from Peace’s hand sent me fumbling back while she cupped her hand over Butterfly’s pussy, supposedly rubbing her as fast as she could for a generous amount of fluids to be squirted onto the ground around our feet.

(Peace asking) ‘My turn? This is for you Maeve.’

Peace easily hiked up her dress to reveal her already-naked bottoms, hooking her arms around my neck to straddle me. Doing a half-squat against the railing behind me, her legs went around my hips and Butterfly ‘helped’ me get into her.

From there, Peace did most of the work riding me with her toes barely touching the floor, grinding her pussy up and down to slide my manhood in and out – non-stop. Apart from her orgasmic cries, I too, was groaning my lungs out at the demise of Maeve.

Peace, owning a body half the size of Butterfly, felt like a doll in my arms. Unlike her friend, she was climaxing back-to-back while I took over the sex, jabbing my cock so deep and fast into her. After another few minutes, her body started convulsing so badly that Butterfly had to stop me, giving me a chance to get Maeve out of there.

Just as luck had it with me, I was halfway untying that dead knot around her wrists when the two girls caught up with me. In a swift move faster than I could react to, they raised Maeve’s legs over my waist and I had to carry her by her bum so she wouldn’t cut her wrists.

‘Now, the hero is going to fuck his beauty.’

A hand I had no idea belonged to who went under my ass and angled my cock at Maeve’s pussy, long stripped of any panties for unknown reasons. In a flash, I found myself fucking Maeve.

The girls were so ecstatic when Maeve started moaning to my hard strokes, expressing smiles and seriousness throughout the thrusts I gave her. That ten minutes of Llevame (‘Carry Me’ sex position) was the best I’ve had amongst the two I’ve fucked while standing, bringing me to MY long-awaited orgasm quite easily.

(I whispered) ‘I’m cumming Maeve.. I’m cumming.. ‘


Two hands on my shoulders yanked me sharply and I hit the railings hard, facing a new ‘happy ending’ when Peace squatted in front of me. Butterfly resumed jerking me in the direction of Peace’s mouth, focusing their attention on me, which gave Maeve a chance to wriggle herself out of the loosened knot.


Maeve then took off for the lift that had stopped at the floor above us, waiting for a few seconds I took to throw them off balance. To think I had to go right as I was cumming.

(Maeve exclaimed) ‘YES! Oh no!’

That grateful lady caught my first squirt in her hand and took the rest into her mouth, perhaps too disoriented to figure out how else to handle my load. I could feel her swallowing everything throughout the ten seconds I came for.

Once we reached the ground floor, we hid in a corner to put on everything else we needed to, before making our way to her place to settle ourselves down. In this half-fucked condition, let’s just say we ended up as more than friends, but less than a couple.

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