Tell Tale

Taking a lift up an industrial building that was located very out of the way, I had no idea what to expect from the very-personal email that was sent to my private account. Given how much the sender knew about me, there were no doubts to if I should listen to its instructions.

Once the lift jerked to a stop, the doors opened to a nearly-dark room, neatly lined with beds, with a numbered flag at the top right hand corner. On the whole floor, I could spot three of them lit by down lights, as if three of ‘us’ were expected.

The beds, would hint at someone lying on the number I was assigned – 17. So, the question is, ‘who’. My limbs gradually turned cold as I walked in the direction which the numbers counted up from ’11’, spotting a figure that was lying motionless under the glowing incandescent light.

Upclose, a black cloth bag was draped over her head, otherwise completely covered with a blanket. The flag though, had a thin pipe that resembled a surgical tube, trailing to the sheets.


I pulled the sheets down to reveal a body I wouldn’t mistaken for anyone else, feeling the rush of adrenaline pump through my heart. It is her.

The one I missed.


Her head rose abruptly but there was something else obstructing her speech. Tugging the head mask off, a blindfold revealed itself along with a device strapped over her mouth, keeping her jaws apart in some weird fashion.


Both her hands quickly reached for her pussy, that was getting very wet for some reason. The longer I watched her, the hornier she seemed to get, to a point she was masturbating herself. Somehow, the dumbfounded me took too long to respond. The lights changed to a red one and I woke up from my daze.

As per instructed, I took my clothes off and guided her hands to my dick, which she began jerking impatiently. All of a sudden, memories of the times we spent together came flooding my mind and I got really hard very quickly.

Wasting no more of that blackmailer’s time, I positioned her into doggie style and plunged my cock right into her pussy, going as raw as we had – once.

‘Mmm-mmm? Mmm-mmm!’

Those two mmms, sounded like what she used to call me – baby. I whispered a ‘yes’, and she immediately loosened up to whatever we were put into. Her chest fell onto the bed like old times, and I thrusted as forcefully as I could into that ever-familiarly desirable pussy. Every stroke, got her moaning louder and louder than before.

Just as we were getting heated, the lift door opened and someone came out of it. He too, went to a bed just a row away and got started doing what I was doing.

To be inside her, reliving those wet, loud, fierce moments again, it was a complete mind-fuck. I couldn’t stop myself from fucking her no matter how guilty I felt, instead, getting angrier and angrier for her sudden break up.

‘I’m cumming baby! I’m cumming!’


Her head shook violently left and right to signal a clear ‘no’, but I was getting none of that. I rammed every ounce of my energy into her contracting pussy until I came right into her, pumping her full of my cum to sorrowful cries that only ached my heart slightly.

A few minutes after I pulled out of her, she fell unconscious and the light turned to a blue one immediately. That, must be the ‘done’ cue. With nothing else to go on, I wore my clothes and went back to the lift, only to spend a good ten out of twelve minutes not moving.

By the time I stepped out of it, I found myself staring at baby, face to face. Without a word, she threw her arms around me and thanked me, for being the one who fucked her instead of anyone else. We took the stairs she came down from and left the building, in a similar confused state as I embarked on this whole, experience in.

I still don’t know what happened.

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