Two Folly

Just an unimportant notice that might make your reading experience a little better, this entry is filled with dialogues. The character making the statement will be indicated at the start of every conversational sentence.

(Sister) ‘Kor.. kor.. ‘

(Me) ‘Uhh.. Yeah? Shit man. My head.. what happened last night?’

(Sister) ‘Umm.. Nothing much? You got really drunk and we just went home. You seriously don’t remember anything?’

(Me) ‘Really, that’s all? I can’t think of anything now. I’m so tired. Did I do anything stupid?’

(Sister) ‘Not really. But I did.. You were half asleep and awake through the night.’

Popping the two Panadol she brought into the room for me, I laid back down on my strangely, very messy bed and looked drowsily at her, ready for whatever ‘stupid’ thing she did while I was presumingly dead drunk.

(Me) ‘At least we’re home in one piece. So, what did you do? Make out with a stranger?’

As usual when she confesses to something embarrassing, her fists clenched the hems of her shirt and her face dropped to her lap at the moment of ‘truth’. I was so sure that there was nothing that could surprise me from the years I had lived before her.

(Sister whispered) ‘I kissed you.’

(Me) ‘That must be really awkward! Did it happen in the club?’

(Sister) ‘No.. here. In your room.’

(Me) ‘I.. I didn’t do anything more right? I’m sorry! I must be really really.. ‘

(Sister) ‘No kor. It’s not you. I.. (cont. below)

After you got really drunk, I brought you out of the club and we took a cab home. And you know how far is our home from the club right? So in the cab, you just hugged my arm and slept on my shoulder. At that time, I was a little high as well and felt a little.. weird with you lying on me as if we were a couple.

Even the driver said so. So I kinda turned your face to me and gave you a kiss, and.. and we ended up making out in the car. For about ten minutes? You started moving your hand under my dress but did not do anything more, so I pushed your hand deeper and you.. you just rubbed me outside my panties.

When we got home, I helped you into your room and I just fell onto you when I put you down. Your knee touched my.. my pussy and I didn’t get up after that. By then, you were snoring already. And I know that you always sleep in your boxers. I tried to remove your jeans and when I unzipped you, it just looked really hard.

I saw that it was like pointing sideways, so I wanted to help you put it upwards. Then, you started moaning when I was positioning it. I just went with it and.. put it into my mouth. I’m sorry. I didn’t know what came over me last night. You tasted so good, with the smell I can’t resist.

After making it so hard, I don’t know what else to do with it. My below was just dripping non-stop since you touched me in the cab. I couldn’t fight the urge to just leave you there.

I took my panties off and.. and put it inside me. You suddenly woke up and pulled me down, holding me so tight that I couldn’t breath. But once I started grinding on you, you calmed down.

You got harder and thicker inside me till I couldn’t think straight, and I just rode and rode you. I know I didn’t do much to make your life better, but you looked really happy when I was on top.

Then once I got tired, you hugged me again and rolled me under you, taking over.. to fuck me. I feel really really loved when you were inside me. You just kept going until you came, and it got all over my stomach.

You fell asleep on top of me and I had to roll you off, and clean you up. You didn’t have any tissues in your room, so. I used my mouth. You got hard halfway when I was cleaning you, so I kept going until you came again.

Sigh Are you angry at me?’

(Me) ‘I’m sorry.’

(Sister) ‘It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have teased you.’

(Me) ‘I’m sorry for not being able to stop myself. Can I ask you to leave me alone for.. ‘

(Sister) ‘NO! No! You can’t ask me to leave. You can’t do that. It’s soaked down there.’

(Me) ‘And I am as.. distracted? as you.’

And so, in an unexpected calling of raging hormones from a simple, much-regrettable recount, we let ourselves reenacted last night’s activities, but with the both of us sober and aware of its implications.

What fuck.

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