Too Long Apart

Even before I could say a word, she had pushed me up against the door I just walked through, hands rummaging for my belt and zipper hidden under my untucked shirt, smelling a little too much like me after a long day.

As soon as tightness around my belly was relieved, her lips found their way on my neck, grazing hungrily down my clothed chest to my navel. Her icy cold fingers then curled into the thin band of my Airism briefs, of polygonal design she had picked for me days back.

A long, audible whiff channeled chilly air along the extending skin of my member, telling me how ‘delicious’ it must have looked especially after the days of ‘deprivation’. Right then, a warm, but cold, sensation travelled upwards of the meat pole for the tip, which was too happy to be buried in the comfort of her lips.

Keeping one of her hands on my stomach, she made sure I was relaxed, and leaning against the door for what she was about to unleash – a starving, helping of cock.

‘Mmmm! whispering Gosh! I miss this.’

The most gratifying stroke being the one my little one was overwhelmed with her eager consumption, I was literally kept on my toes as she tasted every inch of my foreskin stretched over that dong I almost didn’t recognised as mine. Besides that ‘main’ character, the hanging.. okay, scrunched up ball-sack had its moments floating in her mouth too, experiencing a popping sensation whenever she pulled her pouting lips away.

Just as another break came for her to catch her breath, my mind was interrupted by a wait too long for her usual ‘recovery’ time. By the time I forced my eyelids open, she already had her back turned to me. A hand then appeared from between her legs to blindly grasp my fully-awakened cock, arching it away from me for her pussy.

The replacing orifice returned the exhilarating mood once she backed her ass onto me, taking my cock into her body in one fell swop. Such warmth, wetness, relief, all sanity left my mind for the ironically stressful satisfaction that was coming. Keeping my eyes slightly ajar, each gentle-looking jut at me created a jab so abrupt inside her.

Those moans she emitted only pushed me closer to the edge, bearing full awareness to how good she was feeling. I could feel the ribbed walls giving my shaft a good scrub, lubricating the entire ‘trip’ with more juice than love we had for each other.

‘I’m.. I’m gonna climax! It’s coming!’

My mind instantly drifted to non-sexual thoughts in an attempt to outlast her orgasm, which, in a long shot, went as well as ‘a nice try’. There was just no way I could stop my body from wanting to reach that destination with her orgasmic cries.

(As I tried to catch my breath) ‘Mmm.. Mmm.. ‘

‘Are you enjoying it? Can you feel it?’


Both her hands came fumbling in the air for mine, and I caught them in time to make a few more thrusts I knew she would go crazy over. Soon, our knees gave way and we crumbled to the floor, while awkwardly adjusting her feet to go between mine.

Now facing a tighter pussy, I gave my all for the revered bunny-like speed we had never done before, exhausting my thigh muscles for a full minute in joyous love-making. At the magical moment we had wore ourselves out for, new depths record was set at my last three thursts, depositing cum at the sweet spot for her to keep.

Her pelvic muscles worked so hard to milk me of every drop, sucking so much energy in so little time that I collapsed onto her back. The freshly-filled girl then helped me to the bed, where she tied up the loose ends by cleaning me up with her mouth.

(She whispered) ‘You can shower tomorrow. I’m not getting off you.’

‘Goodnigh.. Mae.. ‘

And that was how I started my rare occasion of having two off days in a row.

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