‘Umm.. excuse me? Did you see a thumbdrive around here?’

‘I don’t think so. I didn’t check though.’

The flustered, but very gorgeous lady in a one-piece, maroon halter dress, continued ducking around to find that USB drive, while constantly looking in James’ direction. After a few minutes, she went back to him and described the item in more details, but received no different answer from him.

It didn’t take long for fear to eat away her guilt, at such destructive speed that she could no longer trust James – that he didn’t find it.

‘I think you found it. Can you return it to me? It’s very important to me. I’ll pay you!’

‘Pay me? I’m just watching YouTube here. I don’t know how to help you.’

Without warning, she grabbed his arm and shook it really hard, determined to do anything she could to relief the horror. Given how frantic she was, his attempts to pry her grip open went in vain. Suddenly, she snatched his tablet and jogged off, going up flights of stairs he easily caught up to.

On the stairwell of the third floor, she started tearing at his pants to hopefully convince him to return it. Given how quickly that was unfolding, he was only concerned about getting his tablet back, and even less about her public nudity.

‘Look lady. Just return my stuff and I will help you look for it. I promise.’

By then, she had worked her way to his underwear and an easy tug of that elastic waistband exposed his disinterested cock. Like a savage, she threw her face into his groin and caught his weiner in her mouth, biting it slightly to end his resistance.

(Speaking with a cock in her mouth) ‘Eeeeh eu shuaggel, oul ghat. (if you struggle, I will bite)’

Of course he didn’t want that, and so he stopped resisting. The girl then used her lips to gently pushed his foreskin back, exposing the small head that gave him a shiver. It seemed that his reaction had given her some kind of hope, that she reciprocated with long, sensual strokes along his shaft, tingling all his nerves down there.

(She asked) ‘Is it good?’

‘Yeah. It is.’

With a smile on her face, she got up and wriggled her panties off, checking her ‘readiness’ with her fingers at the same time. The silence lasted for as long she rubbed herself, until those fingertips were lined with velvety strands of wetness upon raising her hand.

Casually, she turned to the stairs and put both her knees on the lowest one, thereafter bending over with her ass stuck out. For the whole time James was still fighting his morality, she kept herself busy by masturbating on that juicy split between her thighs, till he lowered his pants.

Not about to land himself in any lawsuit, he parked his cock right outside her pussy, for her to grab and impatiently tuck it into herself. Multiple times did she stop to accustom herself to his thickness, releasing gasps and soft moans as she pulled him further in.

At last, he was completely buried inside her, but he still wasn’t moving. So, she began riding his cock awkwardly, loosening his self-restraint bit by bit for the most powerful thrusts she had ever felt. His two hands on her waist held her so firmly that it ached, but the pain went away as soon as he slammed his hips against her.

The thick, bulky, stimulating veins surrounding his shaft totally shattered her composure, freeing her mind in a sexual assault. Each long drag drove her a little crazier, and every outward-slide lured her ass towards him. Wet, slapping noises echoed in the secluded stairwell as they banged violently together, till whoever’s orgasm came first.

James’ mind was so caught up with her pleasurable orifice that he was so sure he would ‘lose’, but thankfully, she screamed first.

(She screamed) ‘I’M.. I’M.. ARGHHHHH.. ‘

Her head dropped onto her arm in front of her face, which was then followed by a torturous squeeze of his cock from all directions. She was panting so hard as he felt every contraction, milking his dong in a mild vacuum. Not putting too much thought into her comfort, James pulled outwards in anticipation to drive it really hard and deep, only to find out it was what ended his streak.

The withdrawal caused such a tight suction that threw him past the point-of-no-return, leaving him in a spot to pull out or fill her up.

(While he panted) ‘I’m gonna cum. I can’t move anymore. FUCK!’

One small, leaning forward motion of her marked the end which he would grunt deeply as his cock pumped out load after load of cum, devastating himself to the guilty delight of the girl before him.

Since the damage was done, he embraced every squirt that came after, to the glorious moment when his semen oozed out and around where her opening was (stuffed with cock). Another sight to behold came when he slowly pulled out of her, to cause another suction that slurped that overflow back inside.

(He whispered to himself) ‘fuck.’

Finally, they were on their own, breathless and confused as to what would happen next. James had officially given his first creampie to a stranger, and the consequence of it was beginning to eat at him.

‘I’ll get the pill tomorrow. You.. you can return me the thumbdrive when you think I deserve it. I can trust you to keep it safe right?’

‘Of course. I won’t give it to anyone else.’

Another ‘fuck’ word went to himself as he thought the severity of the situation he got into, without any collateral to uphold her faith. They cleaned themselves up and went to the void deck, where they split ways after exchanging numbers.

It wasn’t more than two minutes of their separation that he received his first text from her.

(Her message) ‘I know it’s weird to say this but I really enjoyed the sex. You can fuck me for as long as you have the USB. Goodnight.’

Oh how little sleep did James get that night, wondering if she would really get the pill, and what was exactly in the thumbdrive that she would fuck a total stranger for.

As for Mabel, she knew what was at stake, offering her body to a neighbour she always see (at that void deck) with such a despicable lie that would be eternally etched in his righteous heart.

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