‘Close your eyes and relax. You need to focus on breathing. I’ll give you a massage in the mean time.’

I tilted my head back onto a door and let most of my body rest, while she went before me to give me a massage on my temples. Somehow, that worked very well for me and I found myself dozing off, into one of those half-deep-sleep mood.

Her hands were all I felt running over my head, down my ears and neck. It felt so soothing that I only woke up upon feeling some movements on my pants. With my eyes still closed, I whispered for her to steer clear from ‘there’.

A moment of silence later, she dragged my legs straight and straddled over them, hastening her ploy to undo my jeans. As soon as I open my eyes, my head went spinning again. I couldn’t muster any strength to resist her wrestle for my cock.

Before I could say anything, I sensed a cool breeze on my willy.

‘Cin.. what are you doing?’

‘Raping you?’

‘No. Don’t. You deserve more than me.’

The gasp that came out of my mouth when she grabbed my cock denounced my words. Those icy, cold fingers awakened my most vulnerable part to become the stiffest one. Mere minutes were all it took for her to get it to her preferred hardness, before sliding her butt closer to me.

Right then, I recalled her attire of a spag crop top with a black, high waist flare skirt, one that I wouldn’t imagine NOT to have any underwear – under. Her warm slit immediately parted across the tip of my cock, quickly enveloping me in an irresistible heat.

(Cindy whispered) ‘Just sit tight and enjoy.’

Her hips began grinding slowly, increasing in pace till I was groaning drowsily. I had never imagined that this position in particular, would put me through a gap that tightened as she slid it in, and loosen up as she rode back.

Being the ‘weakling’ I was, I could only summon enough strength to hold her hips, to feel that tiny waist rocking atop me. My mind was tossed between pleasure and numbness, extending that outdoor romp longer than I had ever dared to.

As for her, she was breathing so hard and deep into my face, soaking in all the excitement I reacted little to. More time passed and suddenly, she was biting my shoulder as she trembled.

(She moaned) ‘fuck.. that was so.. intense.’

Just seconds after she resumed moving, it was my turn to get restless. It was that tightness she was pushing and pulling me out of, that I lost my sanity.



As I had expected, she jumped back and pried my knees open, to bring me back to insanity with her mouth. A few thrusts were all it took to get me pumping her mouth full of cum, cum that I forgot how long it has been there for.

Her muffled moans struggled to contain my seeds, as they puffed her cheeks cutely up. Once I was done, she flipped her head up and swallowed a few times, before wading to the drain to pour the rest over her palms.

Even I was shocked at how much there was. She then surprised me by dumping the load in her cupped hands into her mouth, completing the nourishment process.


I was so dumbfounded that I just had to pull her in for a tight hug.

‘Are you feeling better now?’

‘Or what? You will get back on top?’

‘What no? It’s your turn to go behind me.’

Her wink led the both of us to a love hotel nearby where we fucked our silly brains out in raw, hot, sweaty, loud sex. Oh god.

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