‘hey.. Wake up.. Sir.. Wake up.. ‘

Before I opened my eyes, I could already feel aches across my body, which surprised me lesser when I saw a similarly-distressed girl slouched in front of me. In the room with just a blacked-out window, a bed, and her, I could only assumed the worst for us.

‘What happened?’

‘You were brought in two hours ago. The guy, in a mask then.. Used a dildo on me before.. Before leaving the room. I think I just heard him leave the house.’

Seeing her with just a t-shirt on, I could tell that she was in a much worse position than me, being a girl and all. Our hands were restrained with police-grade cuffs, while thick chains went around our ankles.

‘There’s no knob on the door, and the window is welded. What can you.. OH SHIT!’

The metal door suddenly swung open and the guy she described as ‘masked’, came tearing into the room. He had a pill bottle in one hand and a bottle of water in the other.

(Guy said)‘Lady, take one. And you? Take this.’

A blister pack containing a single pill landed on my lap and the girl was already swallowing what he gave her. I had a turn with the water to help my pill go down, with that guy’s eyes gleaming with excitement.

He signaled us to go to the bed and then stood in front of the door, as if waiting for something to happen. Five or less minutes later, the girl began snuffling like some drug addict, before pulling her shirt off.

(Guy said) ‘Your pants. Take them off.’

I undid them as fast as I could with my limited range of motion, but that girl finished the task of taking them off my feet (hanging around the chains). No more instructions were needed once she climbed on top of my body, hands fumbling around her groin to relief some kind of itch.

(Guy commented) ‘So it begins.’

My cock was jerked to hardness by that sexed-up girl and before I knew it, she had stuffed herself full of my meat. Grinding and rocking herself so hard atop me, I catch some glimpse of normalcy in her eyes. It was filled with guilt, regret, desperation, but she appeared mostly comforted.

When she grew tired of riding me, she fell over my chest and that was the only time she felt so calm.

‘I’m tired.. Can you fuck me? It’s itching so bad inside.. ‘

‘I can. Let me go behind you.’

My erection was abnormally stiff but I could guess what made it that way. I went behind her on my knees and placed myself right back into her pussy. As soon as I started banging her, she was purring with so much pleasure.

It was at that point in time the guy opened the door to call out to someone, that I saw another girl enter the room. The unrestrained-her then got on her knees before that man, and whipped out his cock to suck on it. She was full of gratitude and obedience when she pleased him, so much so that I didn’t know what to think.

I was still pumping my cock into that pitiful girl moaning sensually for me. We ended up fucking for almost ten full minutes in that position, before I felt my limits.

‘I’m cumming.’

I then stopped moving and he whispered something to his ‘pet’. His Chinese girl came over to us and bent her ass over for him, so he could fuck her as he gave his next command.

‘Pump her full of your cum. I don’t want to see any of it on the bed.’

My ‘partner’ upon hearing that, bumped her ass against me. I understood her message and delivered the full wrath of my lasting erection at the swollen, juicy mound, mercilessly driving her near unconsciousness.


The last stroke I swung with my hips unleashed my cum in huge gushes into her vagina, liberating my aches and sores momentarily in place of manly domination. The exhausted, sultry being then slumped sideways to catch her breath, at the same time watch the masked man groaned in delight as he came inside his girl’s mouth.

(His girl said) ‘Thank you.. Master.’

They then left the room and the same resounding click bounded us once again. Leia, as she introduced herself as, couldn’t stop smearing my cum all over her groin with the explanation that it helped with the tingling sensation under her skin.

That evening, after the drugged, dinner-in-dog-bowls, we found ourselves fucking again, in the presence of the psycho who came in his girl’s ass this time.

None of us have yet figure out what that man wants with us.

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