Parting Memories

‘What is it? Can I open it?’, I asked Emma, one of the three interns, whom have worked in my company for the past three months. On top of forgetting their last day of work (which was that day), I felt even more embarrassed to receive a parting gift from her. ‘Yes please’, she replied in a respectful tone I had not heard in a long time, having implemented a more casual and friendly working style in my office.

Carefully, I untied the intricately-wrapped box one knot at a time, until it was time to lift the lid. As soon as I did that, my plan to gasp and ‘turn down’ her offer was thwarted. In it, was a car-like remote that I knew what it couldn’t be – a car.

‘What.. ‘, my ‘What was it’ had quickly turned into ‘What are you doing’ the moment I returned my gaze to Emma, who was standing upright with her wrap dress undone. A gorgeous, lacy set of bra and thongs teased through the curtain-like gap, a sight I would not allow myself to enjoy one more second of.

‘You don’t know what is it?’, she then winked at my still-confused-and-panicking face. As soon as I put that lid back, she raised one feet onto the backrest of the chair in front of my desk, to reveal a loop that stuck out of her thongs.

Of course, it was a remote for the wireless vibrator inside her.

‘I.. I can’t do this. If you are not going out, I will. Good luck for your.. your.. ‘, she interrupted me with her moans as she slipped a hand into her panties, vibrating her fingers quickly around her clit. ‘For my? What is it?’, she sighed those words sensually as she fumbled backwards onto the sofa bed I had behind her, upping her game by burying fingers into her pussy.

‘Do you want a job here? Is that it?’, I blurted out the only reason I could think of for anyone to do that, not that I was paying my staff really well. ‘No? I want you here right now, since we are no longer colleagues’, she moaned those words despite me not having any restrictions on office romance.

In a way, the lack of such rules didn’t incriminate her behaviour, nor mine if I ‘participated’. ‘Hey look. This whole seduction thing.. is best reserved for your partner. I am not anyone close.. AHHHH.. ‘, another interruption by the sudden removal of the vibrator, which somehow made her even more desperate.

Standing motionless in disapproval, she took the chance to reach out for my belt, and pulled me closer. My last bit of sanity, left me a contingency plan if I was to do ‘this’.

‘Can I just record this down for safety’s sake?’, my last hope to deter her received a sexy whisper in response, ‘you can do anything you want’. With that, I set the GoPro camera I carried everywhere, on my table aimed in our direction. There was practically nothing to hold me back after that.

Very quickly, she removed my belt and whipped my cock out, giving it a thorough coat of saliva before gorging on it. Taking me one inch at a time, she worked her way three-quarter down, for me to hold the back of her head for the last bit. Gagging in delight, a description I never imagined would go together, she churned out so much saliva that my balls were dripping.

‘Ahhhh. Time to put this where it belonged’, she snapped at me as she got up on her feet, pushed me into the couch, stripped her thongs off and split my knees wide. Letting herself down impatiently on my wildly, throbbing cock, she was just gasping and sighing as I disappeared into her.

From the back, I could sense how much she wanted to spread her legs to accommodate my girth, but she seemed to get more worked up if she could keep her legs together. How she managed to fight that urge, was a mystery to me. Amidst that amazing sensation of getting fucked effortlessly, I couldn’t help but notice how she was bouncing so easily on my groin. Using just her thighs and calf-muscles, our skin never once rubbed uncomfortably, not that there wasn’t enough of her juices to lubricate.

‘FUUUUAAHHHH.. I’M GONNA COME!’, she clenched her fingers around my thighs as she changed the direction of her hips, to grind back-and-forth instead of up-and-down. That minute adjustments completely threw me off guard, leaving me to flop uncontrollably out of the heightened-sensitivity on the nerve-endings lining the length of the underside of my shaft.

‘ME TOO! ME TOO! OFF! OFF ME NOW!’, I yelled in my hoarse voice till she collapsed on her fours onto the carpet in front of me. Half-trembling, half-convulsing, she turned herself around and slid her mouth over my twitching pipe again. A few futile attempts to deep throat me was all my heart needed to melt, for me to guide her down my shaft.

Face-fucking her like the unbecoming of a boss I was, she continued fingering herself as I gradually lost it. Within minutes, I was thrashing around in a fit, at the same time as I was pumping mouthful of cum into her sweet lips. Her jaws, failing to contain all of me, leaked from the sides as I squirted more, dripping over her chest and lap.

The pleased, satiated intern then crawled in exhaust to her dress which she used to clean me up. After slipping on the pair of thongs she wiped my cum (off her body) with, she removed her bra and wrapped her dress back.

‘Do you want to keep it?’, she held it up at me with her pinky, and I shook my head to it. ‘I won’t wear it the next time then. No panties either’, with that, she left my office and waved goodbye with a cardboard box full of her belongings, for another day to.. fuck.

‘Boss?’, I turned in shock to where the whisper came from, around the corner to my office. There, stood Sharon, an intern from Emma’s batch. All I could whisper (to myself) was, ‘fuck me’, in any direction your imagination would take you to.

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