Bits of Innocence

(She whispered) ‘fuck.. this is actually quite awesome.. ‘

Her lips instantly went back onto his, unknowingly craving for the intimate, tingling sensation from her first kiss. Like a newly-freed little vixen, she climbed over his lap and stuck her tongue deeper, to meet his that he had long imagined his enchanted wand to be. Between her parted thighs, the solid bulge felt so calming to grind on, as she playfully deposited some saliva into his mouth.


‘Haha! Swallow it!’

He did exactly that to please her and more importantly, guilt-tripped her to do the same for his. The duo just went on their wet smooching till he managed to slip his hands under her shirt, caressing her smooth back until he cupped his palms over her bra. Squeezing them had somewhat pissed her off, to give his under-lip a hard bite that only turned him on more, unaware to her.

He kept massaging those petite hills until her viciousness died down, for a submissive groan into their connected mouths. Swiftly tucking his fingers into the underwire, he gained quick access to her bare boobs, which a more sensual moan was released the moment he gave those nipples a pinch.

(She shyly whispered) ‘hey.. be gentle.. ‘

The next thing he knew, she had buried her face into his neck, as he fondled her chest, pecking her neck occasionally to express his pent-up mood. Almost five minutes passed without any relief on his part, but she did breathed some words into his ear that got him really hard.

(She whispered) ‘I think I’m wet.’

‘And I’m hard. Can you feel it?’

He relived that iconic moment again when she cautiously ran her fingers over his groin, to give him a Rockwell-test pinch. She then paused to look around for any passers-by, before undoing just the front of his jeans. The inexperienced girl fumbled with the button, easily conquered the zipper, finally wrestling his hard-on out with luck.

‘What do I do with it?’

‘Put your fingers around, and move it up and ahhhh.. yes!’

The fast-learner had already began jerking him off, while he frantically tried to push his hands up her conservative, skin-tight running shorts, with little space inside to comfortably move around. Still, he didn’t disappoint by locating her wet slit, surrounded with thin, sparsely-spread fine pubes.

As soon as his fingertip came in contact with her sweet clit, she threw her head into his neck again, biting his shoulder this time to relief the rush shooting through her tiny frame.

The spiteful beauty reciprocated his skilled, vibrating fingers by pumping his cock even faster, executing a maneuver he never expected. A loose grip, combined with her innovative blob of saliva over his pipe, proved deadly even for him.


She wailed helplessly as her body trembled in increasing strength, marking her first ever assisted orgasm. Face still in his neck, the gradual pain on his shoulder blade pleased him aptly, given the nature of her infliction. Her sloppy handjob intensified in tightness and speed as she recovered from the high, milking his into a slush of twitches and groans.

After two minutes, his sudden gasp shocked her into confusion, causing her to cup her palm over the erupting tip that spewed hot, thick cum into her hand. Her constant squeals only melted his heart even more, understanding well that there was little he could do but to let everything out.

With her sticky hand and pouting lips, he stole one last kiss before whipping out some wet wipes, for her to clean herself, and his little one up thoroughly. On that scenic rooftop, he claimed one of her many firsts to come.

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