Dirty Dancing

‘fuck.. how did we end up here? I’m married!’

Her hand made another up-down stroke across Jay’s crotch as he smiled, confident about his very tool that was driving the milf’s mind wild.

‘Yeah.. how did we end up here, with your hand.. ‘

‘Shhh! Mmmm!’

Her lips smacked hard onto his and proceeded to wrap those slim fingers around his shaft, punishing his incessant teasing with a tight squeeze. With every passing second they made out in a corner outside the toilets, her imagination only carried her further as her fingers were pried outward, signifying his growing urge, and her appeal of a hot, sexy wife.

That piece of cock in her hand had lengthened and widened so much that she could not just appease it with her hand anymore. Using her years of experience with her insatiable husband, she knew how to make him even more – desperate.

Once his belt and zipper was undone, she bent over at his side to take his glorious cock into her mouth, firstly just the tip to really get him worked up. Amidst the groans and fidgeting, Jay had slid his hand down into her bareback dress, and between the crevice of her ass.

A wet, hot slit was all the cues he needed to force a finger in, to get a response that sent goosebumps up his spine. She had put him so deep down her throat that it shocked and pleased him, at the same time.

As soon as the door of the handicap toilet swung open for a dishevelled couple to stumble out of, she dragged him in and roughly shoved him onto the opened toilet bowl. Straddling atop his lap without hesitation, the insertion only took a few seconds before she was rocking her hips back and forth in a trance.

Narrower than how he imagined wives to be, he didn’t take long to start struggling in despair. He could feel blood getting sucked into his weiner, filling her hole up with more meat than he could manage. His mind, was long gone when she rubbed her clit to orgasm.

She tucked her face into his neck and sucked so hard that he had to do the same to contain his voice, still getting ridden like a confused stallion.

(She whispered) ‘You are.. fucking.. huge! ARGHH!’

Another climax comprising of a brief jet of fluid came at his belly, flowing around and off his balls that were getting juggled to oblivion. The bigger he got, the tighter she felt.

(He whispered loudly) ‘I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING!’


Jay abruptly stood up to pin her against the wall behind her and continued to lay the hardest, most merciless thrusts at the unforgiving woman until his balls cocked, and flushed the entirety of his cum into her pussy.

As for her, she simply threw her arms around him and bounced up and down on his eruption point, for every drop down to almost an ‘overdraft’. He finally slumped back onto the toilet and let her did what she wanted, that was getting off his dick and going down on him again.

The ensuring moment only drained him of all remaining strength, leaving him breathless but completely satisfied. She dutifully helped him get dressed, then led him out back onto the dancefloor.

Throughout the next fifteen minutes they danced so dirtily, his fingers wriggled inside her cum-filled hole, to smear his liquid love all over her legs.

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