His Little Girl

As soon as James saw his little girl sit upright for him, the frustration his wife caused went away immediately. For the whole day, Erica had been looking forward to his visit, as well as being ready to take care of his needs.

After he removed his shoes and loosened his belt, she shifted herself to the centre of the bed so he could tuck himself into her arms, an act that always got the better of him. She was the one person he could rely on to make any bad days good, and good days better.

‘Smile daddy.. Smile.. ‘

He did just that and she gave him a kiss on the forehead, followed by a hug that pulled him hard into her chest. For close to two months now, they had spent at least two hours daily amidst his busy schedule, catching up and talking about their days. Once every two weeks, he would bring her out for dinner, making sure that she had some good memories of them.

‘Ahhh.. DADDY! You’re sucking them extra hard today. You are making me.. Shy.. ‘

‘Oh? Am I?’

He ran his palm against her thigh to go under the translucent white nightgown he bought for her, one of the few pieces she got from him. Wet was she, between the delicate slit his fingertips trailed across. She had maintained her hairless, baby-smooth pussy daily as he liked her to be, taking extra measures to pamper his favourite spot with moisturisers and baby oil.

Daddy disappeared under the sheets and helped her spread her legs wider, so he could have a clear view of her nether region. Truly well-cared for, it was fair, smooth and ready for him to lay his mouth on.

‘ahhh.. Da.. Ahhh.. ‘

Every flick of his tongue sent a shiver up her spine, so pleasurable that she had to hold her knees apart so they wouldn’t clamp down on him. He enjoyed getting her wetter, as she took pride in making herself more desirable.

After a few minutes, he emerged breathless and satiated, looking forward to her reciprocation that would follow.

‘Lie down for me Daddy. It’s my turn to play! HEH!’

The joyful expression melted his heart a little, as he watched her sit comfortably in the ‘Bermuda’ triangle his open legs formed. Playfully closing her fingers around his shaft than usual, she wanted him to know how thick he was, that she couldn’t exactly touch her fingertips together.

Her head then went down to lick the tip, thereafter taking more of it inch by inch into her mouth. James couldn’t help but lay back and shut his eyes, leaving his stress to be blown away by her hardworking lips. Each downward stroke took some stress away, until he was felt trembling whenever her lips passed that O-ring of death.

‘Talia! You’re being naughty!’

‘I’m sorry Dada.. Hehe. But you like it don’t you!’

‘Uh huh!’

Another twitch in his legs signalled the electrifying sensation that went through his mind, while she pumped his cock at the same time bobbed her head up and down. Just mere minutes later, he could no longer take anymore of her teasing and pried her hand away, for a much-needed break.

That sensitive pipe didn’t stay untouched for more than a few seconds when she tucked his feet together, and collapsed in his arms for a tight hug. Her hips kept moving about though, for a while to finally locate the tip that was meant to be inside her.

‘Naughty girl.. ‘


The descent of her pussy marked the fulfilment of her duties, despite being just the start of it. That little girl swayed left and right to maneuver the rest of his cock in, to the ever-increasing urge to please his girl the way she hinted him so shamelessly.

James couldn’t deny his urges anymore and rolled themselves over, tucking her safely under his muscular build. It was one thing to let her have her moments with him, and another to make her whole as his beloved little girl. She faithfully tucked her arms in against his chest before he moved his hips, making big waves in her sexual organ that could barely contain his manhood.

He was especially big, thick and long that night, having went through a tough day with work, then a stressful night with wife. It was up to her to take everything away, and replace it with pure, raw lust. She was also thankful, that it was their misdeeds that granted her so much pleasure in her groin.


‘I.. I know right?.. Ahhh ahhh! It’s you daddy! You’re.. SO BIG!’

He thrusted even harder and deeper to those words she cried, utterly grateful for her existence in his life. They held each other tighter as his cock rained violence onto her little puss, driving her over the edge again and again.

It didn’t take her long to start climaxing non-stop to his elongated size, soon going into a fit that he was too well-aware of. He took honour in overpowering her, as she took gratitude to be (mis)treated that way. Her vagina was getting sore with each stroke that reached so far into her innards, while his cock struggled with wanting all and maintaining control.

‘DADDY! Don’t hold it in tonight.. Please.. Give it all to me.. ‘

Without a valid reason to ‘punish’ her, James had only one thing in mind that would drive him crazier – his treatment at work and at home. Thoughts about those two places easily pushed him over his boundaries, causing a frantic switch to doggystyle which he would proceed to make full use of.

Parking his meat inside her once again, the monster in him broke free in the form of violent, merciless thrusts that put her into a state of constant-euphoria. The pride he swallowed, ego he let trampled and respect he forgone, amplified his every stroke for her.

As for her, she had only regret, not for asking him to NOT hold back, but for not asking him to do so earlier. She took it upon herself to undo everything he felt, being the only person who knew everything he went through. If it wasn’t her..


‘Daddy.. Fill me up.. Fill me.. ‘

Her sentence was left incomplete as they groaned loudly together, bonding at the embryonic level as he came deeply into her, filling her little hole up with cream. He collapsed onto her side as soon as the last bit trickled out, leaving himself in her hands, or mouth, to clean his mess up.

Before she could wipe him down, he pulled her into his arms to thank her profusely for what she had done, at the same time apologise for what he had done (to her that she didn’t deserve). She could only smile knowing that he got it all out, and they both had a great time.

(He said) ‘Daddy has to go now. I will see you tomorrow with more treats’.

‘Yay! Thanks Da!’

With that, he placed a bagful of McDonald’s food for her and locked the room up, in a better mood to appease his hot wife.

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