Yellow Red

(Sharon) ‘Have you been a good boy today?’

‘Yeah.. ‘

‘That’s good. Have you taken your meds?’

‘Yeah. After you texted me.’

‘Let me check.’

Jeff tightened his hips as she reached behind to feel his manhood, while he removed her clothes, down to her skin. Upon getting a grasp of his obedience and a result of it, she could only smile as she entertained the constant flow of messages into her phone. After a stressful day at work, Sharon would not accept any excuses for him not to be ready, and he didn’t disappoint.

He followed her closely as she stepped into the bathroom, still replying on her waterproof phone while he lathered her up. Just like how she liked it, he paid special attention to her breasts and pussy, giving them a good massage as he worked his way around her body.

Dried and smelling fresh, he went ahead of her to the dining table and helped her get seated, thereafter sneaking under to go between her stubby groin for his task. As a well-behaved toyboy, he devoted his tongue to pleasing her clit as she ate, soothing her mind as she filled her stomach with home-cooked food. At no point did he used his fingers, for that would be too distracting for her to get a proper meal.

After putting all the dishes away, she went into the home office with Jeff, for him to sit on the revolving chair before she took her seat – over his cock. As found in every room, a bottle of lubricant provided smooth entries no matter her mood, so she could work in pleasure.

Half-figdeting on his cock, half-typing on the keyboard, she spent exactly thirty minutes to clean out her inbox before retreating to her bed. In there, it was his turn to take his place between her legs, to continue feasting on her then-wet pussy. Flicking on her clit quickly, his fear of distracting her was gone. It was the many months of learning that he knew how to read her body language, and that called for more cunnilingus on that very night.

Profusely leaking juices into his mouth, Sharon raised her knees to let him get her sweet spot better, not that he wasn’t hitting it. She could feel her muscles relax as he swept her clit left and right, stirring an urge she would love to be relieved of.

‘Can you go behind me tonight? I want to catch another episode of my Korean show.’


He made way for her to roll over, lift her ass off the sheets, and tucked her feet together. Granted with the beautiful, moist slit between her thighs, Jeff wasted no time to slip his meat inside, pausing for a moment to allow her to make adjustments.

(Sharon said) ‘Okay. I am ready.’

With a clear line of sight to the video she was watching, he knew it was forty minutes long, and that was the duration he had to keep it going for. Thrusting his hips slowly at first, he increased his pace according to how wet she got. As he felt juices getting around his testicles, he went a little faster, at an angle slightly pointed upwards to hit her often-neglected spot.

A few twitches of her thighs signalled him to tone it down, at the normal direction but faster. The observant young man moved as such, picking up speed as the advertisement came on. Seeing how she wasn’t clicking on the ‘Skip ad’ button, he understood her distraction. Without hesitation, he went as fast as he could, slamming his cock into her pussy so hard until he felt her vagina squeeze down on him, to mark her orgasm at the last ten seconds of the ad.

Upon the video resuming playback on her screen, he reset his tempo again to slow, rhythmic strokes. Jutting his hips gently without jerking her whole body, his thick cock was sliding easily in and out of her hole, lining it with some gooey, white fluids.

The next twenty minutes went indifferent with him teasing her with occasional speed bumps, and the rarer, one-every-fifteen seconds entry.

At last, her show ended and she cued him to take it all the way, to which he caught a grip of her waist, and hammered her senseless. Moaning and screaming into her pillow, Sharon basked in the explosion of senses as her pussy shut itself around his bumpy shaft, gapping so crazily at his relentless, forceful stabs at her still-climaxing pussy.

After ten minutes of mind-blowing, toes-curling sex, the cue of his end came in the form of a graceful slow-down, before she was unplugged from her sex machine. Like always, he went to her head and let her get settled down, before receiving her attention on his cock.

Sharon skilfully jerked him off till he abruptly cup his palm over the tip, to gather all the cum that sprayed into safely in abundance. Thanks to his strict, healthy diet, complete vitamins, he was able to provide high-quality cum for him to massage into her face with.

The soothing hand movements gently put her to sleep at around 12am, the hour he should try not to exceed. To mark the end of the day, he carefully placed the tip of his cock for her to suck out of, for the tiny bit she would ingest for ‘inner beauty’.

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