‘So you’ve been in here!’

‘Ya la! Boss ask me to rearrange the whole storeroom cause I’m late. Sian sia!’

‘Want my help not? I’m about to go off.’

‘Really? Don’t joke with me leh.’

‘Really la. Let’s get this over and done with. Your shirt is all wet!’

‘I know. Help me move this over there.’

Yuxiu and I spent the next ten minutes moving the heavier boxes that she had cleared the top few lighter layers off. My grey shirt looked like a map of the world when we just finished making space to sweep under, and still had to label and rearrange it back after labelling the contents in them.

‘You want to take off your shirt not? Later someone thought we were doing something else in here.’

‘You wish it was something else right? Haha.’

I pulled my shirt off nonetheless and revealed my fat tummy underneath, in front of the poly student whom had worked part time with us for the past three months, though she was always late. We could wear anything we wanted since we worked in a warehouse, and there were no outsiders either.

‘Want to take off your shirt too?’

‘Don’t start hor. I just want to finish this and relax outside.’

We moved a few more bigger boxes together and that was when she gave up. Sighing and swallowing a few mouthfuls of water, she then proceeded to remove her bra from under her shirt, a granny-nude colour that she snarled at me not to judge before I could joke about it.

The muffled giggles was hard not to laugh to and things got a little more cheerful when she let the pent up laughter burst out.

‘Eh! Shit! Need to mop!’

‘Farrrrkkkkk! Can we just mop the outside? Boss won’t move the boxes to check anyway.’


We took our shoes off next and began using both the two mops. When that idiot used the wooden end to poke my butt, I retaliated and accidentally slipped it between her legs. She fell to the floor in a shock and brought down the bucket of water as well, in her direction.

‘Wei. Fucker.. why you so rough sia.’

Well said like an ah lian. I didn’t think much of her red face since we were bending down for a long time when we mopped, and the area she sat on was still wet.

‘Take your shorts off la. It’s just us here.’

‘You really tiko leh. Keep asking me to strip.’

She stripped her shorts off after I helped her up and by then, we had messed up too much to go home any time soon. In such closeness, it was hard not to feel her bare breasts and the thong she wore wasn’t exactly making things any less ‘hard’.

Once I put her down on a stool, I went back to clean up the puddle and she just had to shout what I didn’t want to admit.

‘Eh.. you hard ah?’

‘Duh. You’re braless and in just a shirt and panties. This is what you wear to sleep right?’

‘Wah. How you know sia?’

She took my shirt and daringly drying her panties with it, thinking that I was too busy to notice. After I got into an impatient rage and put all the stuff back singlehandedly, I went out of the store for the lounge to rest my sore back.

Yuxiu dumped my bag and our clothes on the table before walking up to me, and playfully sit on my legs to further dry her panties.

‘Don’t play like that leh. My arms are all weak.’

‘Cannot thank you for doing my work for me ah? *whispering* It’s still hard right?’

‘No it’s not!’

She gave me the my-turn-to-play-now look when she moved her fingernails over my groin, unzipping and freeing my jeans for the cock that was growing underneath it. How could a straight, sane man turn down such an offer right? If only my arms still had some energy to do something for her..

She shifted her legs over my lap and continued the handjob, applying the saliva she ‘gathered’ from both our mouthes to make it a little more slippery. The slow descend of her knees onto the hard floor was a heartening one, as I knew what was coming.

The way my dick disappeared into her mouth, it was so memorable I wanted so much to take a picture, but the following, overwhelming sensation was too much to bear and I was groaning in no time. My thighs were shaking so hard when she went up and down, at such a slow speed I could never get enough of.

Thre was no rush to make me cum, and it was her ‘show’ to please the guy who just helped her. I was savouring every inch of my cock her lips covered over and over again, with a scent from the mixture of our saliva. After a long while of her oral performance, she got up and kneeled on the sofa in doggy, right by my side.

‘How? Too shiok ah?’

‘Still can improve.’


‘Don’t move.’

I went behind her and took a condom out of my wallet, capping it on in front of her willing pussy. I rubbed the ‘head’ a few times over her slit to catch some of her wetness, before I inched my way in, going as slowly as the blowjob she did earlier.

In under a minute, we were humping like bunnies on the couch, broadcasting our moans in the dining space that had no CCTVs. The tight pussy was impossible to get enough of, and my expanding dick actually helped to get her orgasms going.


She swore at the heat of her climax as I rammed deep, shaking my hips sideways to stimulate any corners I didn’t reach. Her juices were dripping into her panties stretched between her knees, safely containing the mess so we didn’t need to clean up – again.

‘Are you cumming soon? I can’t take it any more!’

The final cue came from her pussy that was too tight to move into anymore, and I went all out with whatever strength I didn’t expect to have. The moment came in huge explosions into the condom between us, satisfying both our beasts as she came again to extract every drop out of my pumping cock.

Breathless and exhausted, I couldn’t move anymore after I dropped on the couch, while she was in a similar state next to me. We spent the next fifteen minutes removing the condom and cleaning ourselves up. Her shorts weren’t exactly the tight fitting ones, so she could wear them back, and the map on my shirt had almost disappeared.

We parted ways at the bus stop right outside the factory, but didn’t stop texting till we fell asleep. Since the both of us were working the next day, it won’t hurt to pack two condoms this time, right?

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