Drunken Romp

‘He doesn’t need to know about this right?’

Theresa was pinned against the wall with his hands running up her tube dress, revealing all her leopard prints lingerie underneath. She was too drunk to resist Collin’s advances, even being convinced that her boyfriend wouldn’t know about it. The wet panties he was rubbing furiously on was so sticky, but she was unwilling to ask him to take off whenever she thought about him.

‘Let’s get these off you.’

He had removed them for her and they were gone into the darkness, letting his fingers touch her raw, soft spot she couldn’t help but moan to. Her legs were parting on their own so he could reach further. That bastard was going all out on her, whipping his cock out for her to hold in that grouchy mood, while he fingered her dripping wet hole.

The dirty groans he was making couldn’t be more pussy-blocking for her with that alcoholic breaths, grabbing her boobs and fingering her like a dirty-old-uncle.

‘You want to suck me off?’

‘No.. ‘


To her surprise, he carried her from the front and dropped her on the back of a sofa, pulling her ass hard to keep her at the edge. The guy she just knew threw her arms around his neck and then penetrated her once he found a spot between her legs, ramming mindlessly into that drowsy, mumuring office girl. Theresa was almost like a dead fish, except for the moans so soft it was more like loud breathing.

‘You’re fucking wet!’

He went even faster after feeling her vagina tightened, which Theresa wasn’t aware of at all. He pumped her so deep that at one point, she jolted awake and the whole drunken-sex thing escalated. Collin totally lost his mind after her soberness stiffened the muscles around his cock, giving him the last stroke inside before his cum sprayed all over her belly.

For a moment, she knew what was happening but soon lost herself again, falling back onto the sofa while Collin’s dick was still squirting away. Like an ass, he cleaned himself up after he was done and only pulled her tube dress over her groin, leaving her panties somewhere in the corner.

‘Thanks for tonight! I’ll not tell James about this.’

Fuck! He knows James?!

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