Overwriting Memories


The loud scream got her spun to the wall and face slammed into the pale yellow wall. Her temple hurt as he cleaned her face with the paint, till she stopped struggling. The tiny black skirt she bought at Bugis Street after a long search slid down her thin legs easily, so much for the comfortable elastic waistband.

‘What are you doing!?’

‘Shut up.’

His clear annunciation couldn’t be more British, and the dark red panties she wore cut her hips as he ripped them off. Her lips were squashed under his hand and her nose was so close to breaking. There was little her hands could do against the wall.

A zip sound from below his belt frightened her into trembles and her limbs quickly went cold. There was no way she could overpower the strong man whose knee pushed hard on her bum, planting her upright posture flat. He pushed her by the shoulders down to the ground and single handedly clutched her hair like a dead bunny’s ears.

‘Go on. Don’t be shy.’

It wasn’t the first dick Bubbles had ever laid hands on, but being number two was cutting it very close. He felt really warm in her sweaty palm and got started the handjob from memory. ‘Hold it lightly with the thumb, index and middle, move rhythmically without rush’, those very voice came in a familiar voice of the first guy she touched.

The assailant went under her control soon and let her continue, confident that he was still far from ejaculation. The next thing she knew, he had brought her face so close to his dick, sending a whiff of salty, pheromones-filled scent.

‘Suck it!’

He shook her head to fit his cock in and she got her first taste of pre-cum, saltier than it smelled. Having no idea how to do a blowjob, her teeth got in the way and he gave her a painful slap. Grabbing her behind her head, he stuck his rod into her cheeks and let the natural breathing motion to keep her mouth wide.

Bubbles had never felt so weak and vulnerable before, being treated as a sex toy where she didn’t have any control over. Her nose touched his pubes a few times and the gagging got so frequent she almost puked. As soon as the first bit of vomit touched the tip, he pulled her away and shut her jaws to make her swallow it.

‘Up on your feet.’

He lifted her under the armpits and wrapped one arm around her waist, tipping her upper back forward dangerously close to the ground. She caught her fall with two hands on a step and he gave two kicks to spread her legs.

The more she tried to close her knees, the more kicks she got to her feet, till her knees slammed onto the floor.

‘Stop. Struggling.’

She had successfully kept her thighs together above her V-shaped calves but it was not enough to deter him. He wriggled his cock between her ass that was still developing, barely big enough to hide her pussy underneath. Her saliva from the oral abuse earlier lubricated the first two inches, before she felt a burn on her pussy when he tried to force it deeper.

It took him a few shallower thrusts to get her up to speed and dipped the rest in, fainting her strong-willed mind instantly. Still conscious but lifeless, his width stretched her wider than Mr. D, her personal dildo. He was so hot and wet in her that she couldn’t stop the orgasm from coming after a few minutes of merciless pounding.

‘You’re cumming eh?’

That British accent was getting irritating when he exposed her so openly, enjoying the pain in her groin from his forced entry. Bubbles blacked out for five seconds when she came, leaking pee all over her legs in a moment of loss. She woke up screaming to the on-going deep strokes but silenced herself after receiving a slap on her bum.

‘Good girl.’

Her face was grinding against the dusty floor without any more strength to hold herself up, top of her head knocking against the steps. He just kept going faster and faster in the maturing cunt, till he suddenly stopped.


He twisted her arm behind her back and she let the sharp pain guide her to sit proper, guiding her mouth to his dick for yet another mouth fuck. The listless eyes slowly shut themselves to the groans he made, erupting his disgusting load shortly after.

The slimy texture, along with the unimaginable taste, choked her to her limits and she barfed between the man’s feet, that were hopping in place to dodge her half-digested dinner.

He used his erection to make her lie against the edges of the steps before walking over her, zipping his pants up in a silly laughter. There, he disappeared into the lift at the top of the stairs and she crawled on her fours to where her skirt was, exactly three steps higher.

‘J, can you pick me up at block 231?’

The last message she sent with all her remaining energy got him, her teacher in the subjects of ‘sexuality’, coming to her rescue. He carried her in his arms like a baby to the top of the block, where the lights flickered like some God-forsaken corner.

He cleaned her up and let her bring his hand to her swollen, puffed up vagina, for a massage that she remembered could take all her pains away momentarily.

‘Can I ask you to lick me there? It’s really painful.’

He went on his knees and raised her skirt with his forehead, applying saliva to the areas where she led his head to. When she lifted his chin up for a kiss, he knew it was the most heartfelt he received.

‘Let’s cab home. I’ll pay.’

‘No. I want to walk. Just stay by my side.’

She slipped her cold hand into his warmer one and they parted ways on the road where her house was at the end. That night, their phones never stopped buzzing from the messages they exchanged, but only one caught his eyes.

‘I was thinking about you when he raped me. Can you replace those memories tomorrow? I want you to fuck me.’

‘I will. Just for you Bubbles.’

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