Like dark secrets, erotica is hardly spoken of, yet it’s existence could be found everywhere. You guys must be thinking, who the hell are they? Could he/ she be ‘that’ person? These thoughts probably came only when you read sex blogs, or you could be too damn horny for the person beside you.

The author of wetpinkslit.com couldn’t get any luckier when one of those girls he randomly added on Facebook, contacted him.

Selina: ‘Hey, are you the writer of wetpinkslit.com?’

Larry: ‘Yes I am. Wow. First time A girl initiated a chat with me.’

Selina: ‘They have no idea what they’re missing out. Your entries are great, managed to create surrealism through words, mixing fantasies and fetishes into one big pot. It never fails to make me wet no matter when I read them.’

Larry: ‘Yeah. That made me sound explicitly awesome.’

Selina: Don’t you writers need to relieve too? The tension within? Haha. I wish you do.. Cause I need to. :P’

The rest of the conversation is history, this girl(?) was attracted to his mind like a bee to flowers. The two of them spoke for about thirty minutes, flirting and seducing each other with beautiful words, playful like kittens playing in the meadow.

Time – checked.
Venue – checked.

Arranging to meet up at her place, it provided more privacy than anywhere. After all, we installed doors and gates to prevent interruptions during sex right? No? Selina was in her spaghetti top and panties, standard dress code on a lonely Sunday. She could hardly bear the excitement of meeting this.. knight.

Larry didn’t take long to reach. But his mind made the journey felt long, filled with thoughts. What thoughts? He said I could reveal them here. Women basically likes intelligent guys, not smart nor clever, but witty. These guys knew much, but they too had the perfect idea of when to say what things.¬†You can be good looking, rich, or even have the full package but unless you know how to talk to a girl, you will NOT get laid as often as you want. Even if you performed poorly, your mind would have satisfied her already.

He entered Selina’s house without much of a stare at her body, since she had already described most of it online. Her translucent panties cause his eyes though, sexily peeking under her top. However, her eyes was stuck to the seemingly unexcited dragon in his den. Why.. :(

Selina: ‘Oh. Here, have a seat. I’ll get you a drink.’

Her voice startled him a little, not because it was deep and manly, but gentle and sweet, she had a little accent from an English speaking background, but everything else about her was Singaporean. The unkempt morning hair, braless roaming in her own home and bags and shoes strewn around the doorsteps. After screening his surrounding, he couldn’t be happier to know that she allowed him into her private spaces.

Selina: ‘Here.’

She handed him the glass with two hands, like how a maid should serve her master.

Larry: ‘Thanks.’

She then took a seat in the almost impossible space between him and her newly washed clothes. Smiling at him as he sipped at the tea. Awkward silence..

Larry: ‘So.. how long have you been reading my site?’

Selina: ‘Ever since you added me on Facebook? For three days straight.’

Larry: ‘Haha. I’ve got an avid reader. Which scene is the most impressionable?’

Selina: ‘Hmm.. I can only remember the feeling of having sex over and over again whenever I start on a new entry.. and that somewhat made me felt warm.. like now.’

Larry: ‘Where do you always read my stories? Could I see?’

It was the do or die question. He followed her to the bedroom and closed the door behind her, pushing her onto the bed as she turned around to him. His hand was already under her top and fiddling her breasts as their mouth wetted each others’ lips. The sex was unlike what Larry had did with other girls, this was wild and free, full of passion and lust. Well, that’s what happens when two person went overboard teasing each other.

Her mind was blank with sexuality, wishing for all the time in the world to do this. As she felt his fingers twirling around his areola, his head was moving downwards. The next moment, she was stretching her legs straight and feeling her panties shoot off. Her knees opened and a little hungry tongue landed on her clit, licking the love out of her. She just couldn’t stop moaning and struggling, the pleasure was burning her from inside out. His tongue was skilled, to a point he gave her two orgasms in a row, squirting warm cum into his mouth and face.

Soon, a tad of tiredness and sleepiness took over. It’s her turn to recharge. Selina pulled Larry and kissed him, before pushing him down onto the bed, climbing over him to make sure he doesn’t run away.

Selina: ‘It’s my turn to eat now.’

She slid her butt across his legs and lay on her tummy between his legs. Peeling the foreskin of his dick backwards, it smelt the most inviting compared to the few dicks she tried, being the worst smelling one earning her vomit over it, Larry’s was different. Her mouth went over his little mushroom and pressed onto his meat tightly, before going down – and up – repeatedly. The saliva gathering at her mouth was the perfect recipe for lubrication and with some help from his pre-cum, it looked like they created a pool of love juices.

As she fondled his balls, he missed cue and jerked a few times before exploding from his futile attempt to control it. Selina wasn’t such a bad sport to let him spray it all over himself, she was making sure it all went down her throat by gagging herself and not letting a single bit flow out of her mouth. She didn’t asked if he wanted her to swallow, he gave it to her straight.

Selina took a few moments to composed herself before falling into Larry’s arms, cuddling each other to lalaland. After God-knows-how-long, he was awakened by the most wonderful warmness in his balls and shaft. She was sucking him off half-asleep. As he laid back and enjoyed the countdown to the second payload, her little fingers were fingering herself to orgasms without his notice.

It sure would be a guy’s dream come true if that happened to you. A random pretty girl, inviting you to her house for rounds after rounds of sex. Wait, did sex happen? Or just non-penetrative sex? Hmm..

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