Hug Me

It’s a weekday, and barely at ten o’clock, there wasn’t anyone else in the pool except baby and I. We had been planning on this (the swimming part) for the longest time and finally, I could spend one of my off days with her.

Baby looked like any other girl in a one piece swimwear but hey, she’s my baby, there’s bound to be something different right? Well, honestly, my mind was already wandering, to a dark dirty corner. Unsure if all swimming costumes had this design flaw, but I was quite thankful for it. When she bends over to pick up her clothes or things, the neckline would seem to be a little loose and I could see right in till where the lining hid the best part. That sight was more than what I needed to get a semi-hard on.

We swam for a few laps while spending the rest of the time trying things like to kiss underwater, sit on the pool bed, splashing water and etc. These were one of the days where dark clouds covered the skies but rain was uncertain, that’s why we still decided to go for the swim.

The gradual drizzle diffused whatever clarity the water surface had, and it began pouring to a point that we could hardly keep our eyes open. Such a perfect opportunity to try something new.

Me: ‘Baby, let’s go to the far end of the pool. The lifeguard might forget about us.’

We quietly swam across to the furthest end, which the dense rain assisted to cover our tracks. Damn! Our bags are on the benches. He’ll remember for sure. Oh well. Let’s just hope he doesn’t. Once we reached the far end of the pool, there was basically nothing to interrupt us, with the rain as the perfect shield. We could barely make out where the lifeguards were through the downpour.

Baby cornered me with her back pushing and I responded with a hug, that goes around her slim waist and onto her boobs. The nice balance of fullness and softness of them, I couldn’t help myself at all. I could feel her nipples hardening despite the paddings under. Baby’s hands then went around her back and into my trunks, which was ready to greet her with some love.

We frolicked for a while before realized the clouds were passing fast. Baby pulled my trunks even lower and leaned sideways against the walls herself, with just enough height for her head. She then pushed the part of her costume pressing onto her cameltoe aside and I gently pushed my dick inside. The new location for sex felt somewhat different. But there are things that still felt the same, her unwavering tightness and a different type of ‘wetness’. As she squeezed onto me with her vaginal muscles, I started thrusting my hips, making mini tsunamis.

The cloaking from the rain, loud splattering sounds, and cold winds made the whole experience ‘out-of-this-world’. Like usual, baby would turn sideways to show me her smile and rolled eyes. The ecstasy was not just hers, but shared by the both of us. We kept going at it like some rabbits in slow-mo for as long as we lasted.

For the final lap, she turned towards me while I leaned against the steps, to have her mount me from the front. Her hands held onto the railings and feet on the steps, while I supported her butt with my hands. Without much figuring, I was inside her and humping away again. Not wanting to lose the chance to cum due to the parting clouds, she really did her magic with her pussy and managed to load my weapon for the burst fire.

I quickly climbed out of the pool and sat at the edge while her mouth continued to finish the job.

*squirt squirt X 3*

The waves of cum firing continued for as long as I wished to. Filling her mouth up quickly and for the first time, she swallowed the mouthful of my yummy essence. Washing her mouth with the chlorine-filled water, we were done quickly and swam stealthily back to the corner of the pool. To continue fingering my baby right under the nose of the lifeguard.

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