Chinese New Year

Mum: ‘Timmy! Come out! Your cousins are here!’

Tracy: ‘Auntie, it’s okay. I’ll get him outside.’

Tiptoeing lightly into Timmy’s room, the manly scent of his wake up clothes caught her nose and softened her heart a little. It had been three years since the incident where she stumbled into his room while he was sleeping – naked. Every now and then, the thoughts of his little one standing up high flashes across her mind, she always regretted the chance not to mount it and have a ride on it.

Hugging Timmy from the back, Tracy was close enough to smell him even closely and breath in all his aroma, a little sweaty but assuring. Her hands swept across his chest and nipples to his shoulders and gave him a gentle massage. Well, not that Timmy wasn’t a normal guy, but it was his beloved cousin giving him a hug and shoulder rub, there wasn’t sex on his mind at all.

Tracy: ‘What are you doing?’

Timmy: ‘Chatting with friends, sending Chinese New Year greetings.’

Her soft C-cups did press onto his head, but it was nothing more than a normal contact between them. Going back to lock the door, she returned behind him and slid her hands down his chest once again, this time, stopping at his tummy before whispering into his ear.

Tracy: ‘You know, that night when I visited you, I saw you asleep without your blankets.. and couldn’t forget *this* at all.’

Moving her hands into his loose shorts, he was already hard before she even touched it. Slowly stroking him up and down, her panties was also getting wetter by the moment, lusting for his hard dick inside her. Finally unable to take the deed done seated down, Timmy pulled her to the bed and pinned her down right there.

Timmy: ‘Jie, that night.. I had been thinking about you too. That’s why.. ‘

With the incident three years ago solved, it was time to start what they wished they had a long time ago. He pulled her halter top off and allowed the tiny tube bra to cover whatever it could, but not stop his mouth from sucking on her erected pink nipples. His hard penis was on her stomach, poking up and down, a few times into her belly button, a few times at her shorts. After five minutes or so, Tracy went to remove her shorts in the quickest time and untied the bikini bottom she wore. Being all turned on and ready, she didn’t want anymore teasing. Her pussy was already moving on its on, yearning for a need to be filled.

Wasting no time, she guided Timmy’s manhood to her entrance and let him take the rest of the control. Though they were cousins, their relationship were more of close friends who could share many things together. And through that, the love was going farther than they expected. Inching his virginity into her, Tracy could hardly fit him but the technique of breathing soon relaxed her enough to allow him enter fully. Unable to focus due to his size, it wasn’t pain that bothered her. For the first time in her life, she felt fully satisfied in endowment. From the tip of Timmy’s dick, down to the mushroom ‘cap’, through the veins and the soft bushes of his base, it could all be savoured and felt with every inch of her wall.

As per instinct, he started moving his hips, thrusting in and out of his dear cousin, milking her like a cow, with that white translucent gel kept flowing out. Her moans were covered by grabbing one of his shirts lying around and muffling her mouth, at the same time taking in more of him through her nose. That.. manly stench of sweat, turned her on even more till her muscles were contracting, working her body with the fully awakened mind.

Though it was Timmy’s first, he was lasting longer than any guys Tracy had done with, driving her to exhaustion and yet, satisfied enough to die with no regrets. Flipping her to the side, Timmy continued ramming into her from the top till he knew it was time too.

Timmy: ‘Jie, I.. going to shoot.’

Tracy: ‘On my body?’

Taking his manhood unwillingly out of her, he placed it on her hands which rested above her stomach. It was a half-squatting position he was in, still pounding on top of her, but through her clasped hands. Watching his hips move like a pro, she knew addiction would overcome and corrupt her mind. Her pussy was begging to be filled, but her mind was pitifully winning. Finally after a few minutes, warm cum flowed like a tap and she managed to slid downwards that distance to open her mouth and take whatever she could catch.

Unlike other times Timmy masturbated and cummed, the discharge was more of a broken tap as he lost control of his muscles and balls. After about 30 seconds (which was very long), he finally stopped and Tracy had her fill too. It wasn’t right to dirty his bedsheets too right?

The two of them got dressed in their clothes and smiled with their hearts opened for the rest of the guests that visited that day, which ended too, with another round of hot steamy sex in the showers. Guess they won’t be using condoms for a long time.

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