Opposite Room

As Jordan peeped from the corner of his eye, the door swung open and his younger brother came home with yet another girl, too damn young for sex, probably thirteen or fourteen. The two of them were perspiring a bit but still seemed ‘decent’ without their privacy yet.

Jake (shouting): ‘Mum! I’m going to my room!’

He then pulled that girl along and the door creaked shut. After Jordan’s fifth straight hour on his MMORPG, tiredness got the better of him and he made his way to his room, which was opposite his brother’s, Jake. The door didn’t shut completely, and it was just wide enough for him to peep through. The girl was at the edge of the bed, while his brother’s face was between her legs, working his tongue skilfully which threw her head back in pleasure.

It was a little wrong to be spying, but it was like porn, just that it’s live. By then, their mum had left the house for her daily mahjong session with her kakis, and it was the three of them left in the house. As his eyes stayed on the girl, his hand had already reached into his shorts, underwear-less for comfort at home. The girl was soon lying on his bed, heaving and puffing¬†vigorously¬†from the non-stop flick action. Jake then raised himself up for his dick to meet her pussy and without much delay, he pushed right in, letting loose a micro-yelp, loud enough for the house to hear.

Jake started moving his hips in and out of her, and the slurping sound was as distinct as the yelp, sensual yet wild. Jordan was wishing he could be right beside, watching them and even letting the slut use her mouth or hands on his, the speed he was going at was getting faster, but he was still far from cumming. As his mind fantasized, his brother continued working. After a few minutes of missionary fucking, he pulled out of her without mercy, flicking a few droplets of her juice onto her back from the recoil of his retracting rod. She flipped over into doggie style and Jake rammed into her again, making the *piak piak piak* sound as though to gawk at his fapping brother.

The dripping of the little girl’s juice were clearly visible in the light from the window, her ass was sticking out of the bed for his brother’s pounding, and the long strains of honey were stretching all the way before it hit the ground. Like a king, Jake was doing it hands-free, which the girl wasn’t complaining since he was long enough to reach everywhere. As both the brothers were getting bored of the same action, the one inside the room got the girl on her back once more, and hammered her from the top again.

Jordan couldn’t hold back much longer either. It was close to the end.

Jake (loud whisper): ‘I’m cumming in you.’

Girl: ‘Yes please!’

Jake: Shhh.. !

The two brothers froze as they emptied their balls, one into a soothing warm pussy and another in his shorts. The girl was still rocking back and forth with her legs around Jake’s waist. After Jake pulled his limp penis out, he took his camera and snapped a few pictures of her, as well as her overflowing slit. He then slumped onto his bed to sleep with the girl he wasted.

And for Jordan, he went back to his room and changed his bottom before going to bed, pleased by what he saw and the extra tiredness he received.

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