Kinda Messy

A Sunday invitation to karaoke isn’t the best way to spend a book in day but since it was by my new buddies at the new place, it wouldn’t hurt right?

Despite the sunny weather, the room was dim and all of them were with their girlfriends. Surprisingly, there were a few girls whom brought their female friends along, so the guy to girl ratio was advantagous. The usual thing happened, singing, drinking, drunk chattering. A few couples were making out, and I was not a drinker.

The girl beside me was Charlene, a sister of Sammy’s girlfriend. Like sisters, they were in tank tops and skirts, quite the attire to be in for such occasions. While Sammy and girl were making out, Charlene was high presumingly on drugs and alcohol, hands roaming all over my thighs and waist.

Sober me could make out what was happening, but before book in? Her body then leaned over and we kissed. The 17 year old’s body was a fucking hot one, pardon my choice of words, but one look at her from the legs, to the huge D cups, to her ¬†girl-next-door look, you wish you could have her right there and then.

With her boobs pressing onto my chest, our tongues were reaching into each others’ throat, exchanging saliva while our hands got busy. I could remember clearly how my hands reached under her top and discovered there was only nipple covers, a sign that her assets were firm enough to sustain themselves under clothes.

As I pinched her pointy nipples, her lips would just be lifeless and tongue lost in ecstasy. My left then travelled down her slender, firm chest and naval before sliding under her skirt for signs. ;)¬†Charlene wasn’t pantyless, but all that I could feel was a g-string, so thin I knew it was sheer. Apart from that, the moist was a gentle one, like how morning dew formed as night comes. Pushing the tiny piece of cloth aside, she perched her feet on the sofa, easing my access to the secret chamber.

Charlene: ‘Please put your fingers inside. I can’t take it anymore.’

My rotating fingers at her clit generated quite a bit of wetness but wasn’t that kind that would get too messy. Granting her request, I slipped my middle finger in easily and started finger fucking her. What about the rest of my friends? One pair was already fucking in cowgirl, and the other 3 guys were receiving oral.

Charlene: ‘You want that too?’

Who wouldn’t want? My jeans were soon off, package being cleaned while her thin fingers kept my underwear out of the way. Her mouth was like an engine, but with random pistons firing due to her small mouth, she needed to pause for air. Still, she got me bigger than usual and girls always like to see that their skills could make the pleasure stick grow beyond normal size right?

With that, she squatted over me while facing the monitors that still blasted techno music. Hopping up and down, I could feel the depth I reached as her pussy stretched to take all the goodness. The occasional careful descend gave her away that it wasn’t every session that she felt a cock like that inside. It does hurt once in a while when guys ram too hard right?

There was no need to remove any of her clothing, in fact, Charlene looked glamourous under the faint glow from the TV and her hourglass figure was obvious beneath her top and skirt. After that, we switched to doggie with her kneeling on the sofa while I stood behind, giving her the reward she deserved being such a wonderful company. With her breasts within reach, my hands went around her back and squeezed and fondled her like never before.

Soon, her pussy was getting tight more frequently from the increasing sensitivity and my non-stopping, consistent pounding. I, myself, couldn’t last much longer and had to let it out.

Me: ‘Charlene, I’m cumming soon.’

Charlene: ‘Cum inside! I beg you.. ‘

Flipping her around, we went missionary on the sofa like most of my male friends and rammed the breath out of her, creaming into her with all my might, driving me wild with her contracting pussy and throbbing love hole.

Immediately after that, she took a shot glass and forced whatever she could, into it, poured a little Chivas and gave a little toast before slurping it down. Tired, sweaty, we slumped onto the couch and rested while giving each other a gentle masturbation to calm down.

Sort of like a cool down right? Stretching perhaps?

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