Boring Saturday

The Saturday couldn’t get any worse without any activities or plans. Joan was tired of touching herself, since she had been at it after she woke up. Feeling lazy and wet, there wasn’t anything else at home to entertain her, maybe except her silly younger brother, whom could always be heard masturbating without closing his doors. Once or twice she peeped to see how he does it, and it wasn’t much different from how her ex-boyfriends did it too, just stroking it up and down. Though there was one thing that was bothering her. How can her brother, who is merely 13, possess a tool, that was the same size as one of her largest ex’s.

*knock knock*

Brother: ‘Yes Jie?’
Joan: ‘Can I ask you something?’
Brother: ‘Wait ah.. ‘

Ruffling of clothes could be heard and a piak sound of the waistband slapping onto the empty stomach was most obvious, he was naked behind the doors, or at least half naked.

Brother: ‘You can come in now.’

A box of tissue lay on the other side of his bed, while he hid the lower half of his body under the blankets. The smell of sex, masturbation, sperms, pre-cum was unmistakable.

Joan: ‘Can you do something for jie?’
Brother: ‘Yeah?’

There wasn’t anyone to stop her even if she knew what was going to happen was wrong, her curiosity and sexual urges were killing her. After all, which brother would expose his sister’s pleasurable deeds right?

Joan: ‘Can I see your penis?’

Her brother pulled away his blanket and showed her his rock hard dick, throbbing calmly in anticipation. Dressed in a 30% translucent white sleeping gown, he couldn’t resist the physical arousal too. Joan was the type of girl who would lock her room when she sleeps, so she could be naked, or play as sexy as she liked, but never once her brother saw her in this light. The tiny thongs she wore did not cover her entire pussy, but just the clit and then it went between her butt. The waxed lips were moist with lust, and there was nothing like prickly stubs.

Joan: ‘I’m going to hold it k?’

Her eyes gleamed as the pulse within his manhood got stronger with her fingers wrapping around it. It continued to enlarge to a point – her index and thumb could not reach each other. Somehow, her pussy was reacting in response to her brother’s dick, that size proved a new challenge, not to her mind, but her body. Joan’s mind was always wanting it, and her pussy was relaxing and lubricating itself to the max.

Preparing to spit in her hand, her brother stopped her before presenting a bottle of apple flavour lub to her.

Brother: ‘I’m sorry Jie, I do fantasize about you too. And I know you love apples.’

Smiling sweetly to her cute little brother, she took the bottle and coated her hand well. As her fingers got in contact with him again, his lips parted and moans escaped freely. Every up and down stroke, his hips would wriggle sexily. Teasing his mushroom head would throw him off balance and send him into a frenzy of struggle. This foreplay was the first and probably the most stimulating he would come across in his life. His dick kept enlarging till she could no longer hold her monster in.

Pushing him onto the bed, she climbed to his face and sat, positing his mouth right below her pussy, dripping with juice and the little warming lub she used on herself. His mouth worked like the butterfly vibrator she had, flicking her clit up and down without rest, done with constant speed and force. How could her brother be any less horny than her, it was in their family’s blood. As his tongue searched into her love hole, it was already drooling long strands of cum into his mouth, quenching his thirst for her.

Wading backwards to his dick, it was the moment of truth, the rock hard dick of her little brother, versus the petite, ever-innocent looking pussy of Joan. She lowered herself onto him and the size of it was scratching against her vaginal walls like never before. It was filling her up completely, stretching her close to her limits. It was larger than comfort, beyond her mind’s and body’s tolerance. Immediately after it went inside her, she was in a trance state.

Unable to focus, salivating onto her night dress, her head backwards, eyes rolled, hands floating mid air. Her brother nonetheless was in a similar state, but with more control. His hips was struggling to cope with whatever movements she made, after all, he was the largest her sister had encountered, and he was making it worth every single second inside.

Grinding his hips upwards, a wave of humming and moaning could be heard from his sister, while he pushed his dick in and out, her hips was gyrating in sync, squishing his penis with juices, partial warm and the rest wet and messy.

Brother: ‘Jie! You’re too tight!’
Joan: ‘It’s you! Too big!’

The two underaged, bodily fluid-covered bodies were onto each other, transferring souls and lust back and forth, kissing each other like long lost lovers from many lives ago. The intensity was beyond description. Pounding from doggie style to spooning, to fucking in the living room with no regards to sleep-in neighbours, the two were suppressing the urge to climax. Joan didn’t had an issue orgasming though, but it was more of her brother. 13 years of pent up sexual hunger, to be released in a day, under a few hours. He could go on for a long time.

Never in his imagination this would come true, but now that it had happened, he better not wasted the chance. Getting into doggie again, his dick getting tired from the wetness and resistance to cumming, there was no rubber between the two siblings. He rammed hard into his sister once again, sending her into a series of screams and diving in and out of near-unconsciousness.

While the sister convulse away, the brother was close to unleashing his load. 40 minutes of sex seemed too long for his comfort, and his virgin sexperience is going to come to an end.

Brother: ‘Jie! I am cumming soon!’

With that, he yanked his member out and replaced it with two of his fingers into sister’s pussy, continuing the orgasms. Still, dicks could not be replaced with fingers. Finally after a few minutes, Joan recovered enough energy to guide her brother’s dicky in again, this time, for clearing the ‘phlegm’ out of it into her.

Joan: ‘Shoot into me. I want it all. No buts.’

The hammerage came again, pounding her butt hard, dipping mercilessly in and out of her, forcing whatever juices left in her out. The break she took increased her sensitivity and she was running on the last lap of her energy.

Joan: ‘Fuuuu…. ccckkk… ‘

Squeezing her pussy walls with the last bit of force, her brother’s thrust hard into her, spraying the hottest, thickest, juiciest load of cum into her womb. Every of the 7 or so rams were equally fulfilling, topping her tank to the max till it overflowed.

Collapsing onto her brother’s bed, the scent of him was still stirring her pussy, contracting and expanding uncontrollably, from the cum and soreness of the sex. He too, was exhausted, heaving and puffing, watching his twitching dick leak the remainants down the shaft.

Joan: ‘Let’s not waste it.’

Without hesitation, she took his dick into her mouth and sucked it clean, taking every bit down her throat without wastage. Even the excess sperms that got out of her pussy was collected and swallowed hungrily. Still sucking on her little brother, his dick was shrinking from tiredness and madness of the intense sex.

*knock knock (loudly)*

Joan: ‘Di! Wake up! Time to go tuition le! It’s noon already.’

He woke up to find a mess under the sheets, with a huge load of cum all over himself and the bed. What a waste..

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mMMMmmm…cant helped but makes me recall the tightness of my jie’s cheebye meat wrapped lovingly around my hard kuku…and the gallons of nasty babymaking brotherly sperm I have pumped into her unprotected sisterly womb…uUUhhh!!!

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