Girl in Red

As she stepped off the bus looking flustered, all eyes were glued on her long legs, short red dress and proportionated face with gentle make up. Those could only catch glimpses of her back could not help but notice the lack of any bra straps and even the seams of a tube bra.

Lady: ‘Excuse me, does 13 goes towards Bedok?’

I could only hide my bliss and answer with a straight face. How could I not know? After all, that’s where my camp is. Confirming my answer on the bus information panels, she gave me a smile and sat on the presumingly warm seat, from the afternoon heat All eyes feasted on the short moment when her dress slid up her thighs as she sat demurely with innocence. Within minutes, the bus arrived and we hopped on, sitting beside each other as most passengers took one of the many couple seats that were available.

Me: ‘How come you’re heading to Bedok?’

Lady: ‘I’m going to East Coast Park with my friends.’

In dress and heels? Though bewildered, it wasn’t an excuse to lose a chance. We made our introductions and crapped about my pitiful army life. While learning that she worked for one of the many MNCs, rarely having the need to take public transport.

Xin Hui: ‘So what do you do during the weekends? Spend it all with your girlfriend?’

Here comes the turning point of our conversations. Not intending to screw it up, I took time to think before answering.

Me: ‘I take photos and write.’
Xin Hui: ‘What do you write?’

Our little chat went on to discussing about the chances of such a website like mine would get noticed. As the journey reached the quarter mark, there were close to no one on board, on top of the air conditioning getting colder. Our hands accidentally met as we struggled to cover ourselves as much from the cold. Feeling my warmth, her hand rested on mine, while trying to act as blur as possible. On my part, my hand switched on top of hers and went onto her thigh.

Me: ‘You’re really cold huh?’

Sliding my fingers across her leg in random directions, trying to stir some lust out of her. After a few minutes, she pulled my hand away and covered her legs with her hands.

Me: ‘Sorry. I kinda got carried away.’

From the side of her eyes, she could tell the hard on through my army trousers, buttons close to undoing themselves. Her legs were opened as well, with the dress as high as just inches away from her underwear.

Xin Hui: ‘It’s okay.’

Her answer came with the sexiest tone ever – soft, like a purr. Maybe she really needed to warm up.

Me: ‘I’ll help you to warm up.’
Xin Hui: ‘Huh?’

My hand went back to her thigh, irregardless if she agrees, and stroke up her legs, till I reached between her legs, pausing to meet some resistance. But as we all could guess, her legs opened wider for my fingers to enter. Reaching her panties, it was cold and wet, keeping her legs together was only getting her hornier as she tries to rub her clit discreetly. Our positions were too close for anything more to happen, still, my fingers were rubbing her through the underwear, restarting the flow of natural lubricants.

Xin Hui: ‘Umm. J.. Will it be easier if I remove them?’
Me: ‘If you are comfortable with it?’
Xin Hui: ‘I think I’m more comfortable without it.’

She grinned and did a quick removal of her light purple panties, stuffing it between the space between us. My fingers then dived into her hole and darted at the fastest pace I could give, making the decent looking girl into a horny devil.

As the intensity maintained at my terminal velocity, her nimble fingers quickly loosened my pants and stroked it with skills to diamond hard. She clearly knew how to make the clock tick. Unlike other handjobs, her massage was making pre-cum dribble like how her juices were flowing, clear, thick and tantalizing, ready for consumption.

Then, like a gymnast, she bent over and presented the most sensual head. Slow, tight, savoury, gentle, meticulous in satisfying. As my fingers left her pussy in the awkward position, her lips worked harder and without control, I was close to losing it.

Me: ‘Xin Hui, I’m going to cum!’

She increased her pace and decreased her suction, turning it into a pussy sensation. Wasting no time, my soldiers deployed in a rush into her lips, balls squeezing mechanically like a turbine to empty everything. Usually, it would be random squeezes with lots of unreleased cum, perhaps a little of blue balls.

But this time, in her mouth was everything I could give. A gulp solved the disposal issue and she recomposed herself while my fingers went back to her love hole. After fingering for a few minutes and having her cum twice, i needed to rest – on her clit. With just about 7 stops away, I dragged my middle finger upwards from her pussy to open the delicate folds to her clitoris.

Xin Hui: ‘Wait wait. Stop stop. Not there.’
Me: ‘Is it painful?’
Xin Hui: ‘Uhh.. No. Just that mine is extra sensitive and I don’t think it’s a good place to get too crazy.’
Me: ‘Hmm. I try k? You can’t stop me even if you can’t take it.’
Xin Hui: ‘Huh?!’

My middle finger started a slow circular teasing and her hands were all over mine, holding on dearly for her life. The wetness was unlike before, the stream was dripping onto the floor, with the hemlines of her dress pulled up to her hips. The tip of my finger then gradually went into overdrive, flicking it upwards, downwards, left and right, making her legs jump up and down while seated, body trying to handle the lack of freedom to scream and squirt.

At two stops away, I’ve been at it for at least twelve or so minutes, delivering close to ten orgasms. Finally, deciding it was time to stop, I gave her a rest and she took her panties to clean the mess up, from her ankles all the way to the seat were her love juice.

Xin Hui: ‘It’s my stop here. Had lots of fun throughout the whole journey.’

A peck on my cheeks and she doodled something on her panties before putting it away. As she stood up to get to the door, her underwear lay wasted on the green seat. Watching her tap her ez link card, she smiled and left for her destination.

On the soaked panties was a message that reads;

For you, love. 9618****

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