Daddy, How?

Milly: ‘Daddy, I know this sounds weird, but my below is very itchy. I couldn’t sleep at all.’

Daddy: ‘Hmm.. Can you let daddy have a look?’

Milly was very close to her father, which had been playing the role of mother, father and breadwinner for as long as she remembered. Her mother had been working overseas, coming home once every few months. Though she had the option of staying home and be a housewife, earning money with her own hands seemed like an esteem issue more than anything.

Milly sat on the couch and placed one of her legs on the coffee table, spreading her other legs wide to let her dad see the waxed patch of bikini line. She didn’t know it was normal for growing hair to have a little itching sensation, but her dad was there to help anyway.

Daddy: ‘I see.. you waxed. When hair begins to grow out of minimized pores, there will be some itch to it. Don’t worry. It will go away.’

Milly: ‘But daddy, the itch is unbearable, and there is nothing to scratch.’

Daddy: ‘I’ll see what I can do.’

Taking a bottle of baby oil, he applied some onto his hands and started rubbing it over the groin area, which she described to be the area. A few accidental brushes across her slit cause more wetness to gather around the light pink entrance. Peeking secretly at her dad’s pants, it displayed interest as well. The thought of those guys grinding her at clubs were soon turning her on. Though she could feel those guys’ hard ons under the pants, it was different from getting up close to a real one.

Milly: ‘ Daddy. Can I help you to apply the lotion too?’

Daddy: ‘Umm.. But daddy isn’t feeling itchy down there.’

Milly: ‘I’ll just give you a massage then?’

Daddy: ‘Sounds okay to me sweet.’

He pulled his pants off and let her daughter oil up the clean shaven groin as well, but with the tree already standing high up. Her hands slowly stroked upwards and the strong heartbeat passing through felt steady and secure. To imagine this is the tool that created her.

Milly: ‘Umm.. Dad.. Can I?’

Daddy’s eyes were closed, enjoying the gentle strokes of her daughter’s innocent hands, thumb pressing on the tip like a control stick. Not paying attention to her questions, she continued her handjob. After a short moment, his hand were back on her pussy, teasing her clit while she masturbated him by her side. With the increasing pace of her up-down motion, daddy’s strong fingers were shooting in and out of her, in synchronisation with her hands.

Milly was all wet and high from the mutual getting off, but daddy wasn’t that contented at all. After all, mummy had been away for a period of time and there was no one else he looked for to satisfy. Helping his 40+kg daughter up by her waist, she supported herself on her thighs as she hovered over his dick.

It wasn’t her first time having something going inside of her. But the few toys she had couldn’t be compared to what her dad had. As she slowly sat over his dick, she could feel her pussy lips opening to her limit, spreading her vaginal walls wide open to match her daddy’s size. While Milly was enjoying the moments of glory, daddy was struggling to cope with the tightness and fluidity of the lubrication.

His groans were of a man and it turned Milly on even more, creating different tightness as her pussy convulsed with the gradual rocking of her hips. The two immoral members, continued their dysfunctional sex, changing to doggie on the sofa after the reverse cowgirl reached daddy’s limit. The perfect seal of his daughter’s love hole over his giant dick was too much for him to handle. With their age ration at over 2.5 times difference, their lust and horniness were matchable. Though Milly was inexperienced, her dad was granting her wish of being fucked by an experienced guy.

The duo’s moans and groans were echoing throughout their two storeys bungalow, flicking sweat, cum and other bodily fluids over the living room. As his penis stroked the insides of her, the constant orgasms kept her screaming and awake. They enjoyed over an hour of sex and rest before daddy decided that he had to finish it. When guys don’t shoot after a long time, a little frustration does kick in, and Milly understands that.

With the final lap consisting of non-stop, hard, revengeful hammering on her ass, daddy’s dick was proving to be possible of creating madness along with orgasms.

*Grghh.. *

Warm cum spill into her and it dripped out generously as daddy continued his pounding until his dick went soft. The two love cuddled on the couch for a good hour before going to wash up together, in the showers. Guess what happened? :p Even though incestuous sex is kinda taboo in our society, it doesn’t hurt to fantasize about it right? Writing gets them out of my head. ;)

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