Extra Curriculum

Jenna: ‘You’ve already played with me for a whole day with the vibrator inside. What if somebody hears us?’

Ken: ‘Shhh.. this is the guys’ toilet. If anyone heard us, they should consider themselves lucky.’

The two secondary school students were at the third level, in the gents near the end of the school, where people least likely would pass through. Jenna had the whole day of school teased by her forbidden boyfriend, with the wireless controller in his hands, there was never a moment when she could relax. The mostĀ embarrassment moment was when she had PE, and Ken was coincidentally at the canteen for his free period. The duo was eyeing each other like nobody’s business, while she was trying to contain the moans. Sit ups were agonizing, stretching was even worse as the vibrator moved to different corners as she reached and pulled her muscles. Though her face was flushed, no one questioned as exercises do get face red.

Finally, the school ended and while everyone rushes home, the two of them found quality time. In the cubicle, the vibrator was turned on once again but this time, she was free to strip and masturbate herself. Before Jenna knew him, she doesn’t even know what does penis or vagina stands for, but now, she had turned into a slut Ken enjoyed almost everyday, no matter where they were, as long as they were together.

Her fingers were quick to rub on her clit, while the other hand unzipped his pants. Seated on the toilet seat, her skirt and panties were long removed, and this time, her boyfriend’s bottom was gone too. With his manhood in front of her kissable lips, she needed no command to start. Slurping sounds from her saliva and suction was soon echoing, reflecting exactly how Ken was feeling – high, crazy and mad. He trained his girlfriend well, loyal to a point she would be so lost without him, skilful to a point where she would feel horny without him around.

After Ken got hard to a point it hurts, and Jenna got too wet that she was dripping all over

Ken: ‘Bend over.’

Kneeling on the bowl cover, her hands held the tank firmly for his penetration. He then squeezed some lubricant from the tube of KY in his pocket. Jenna would get too warm for comfort at times, therefore the extra lube.

After that was done, Ken pushed himself in and a little squeal escaped from her mouth, probably due to the pain she experienced during each intercourse. Soon, the dirty sound of pounding was the only noise heard.

While Jenna was trying her best not to moan too loudly, Josh was in the next cubicle, listening to all the details of the secret rendezvous of

his friends. He was there from the start, and believed he would be ‘stuck’ there throughout.

The control of the moans weren’t easy at all, with Ken speeding up, stroking every inch of her young pussy. She had to let herself go to enjoy fully. He wasn’t just ramming her, he was groaning in a mix of pleasure and agony too, from her tightness. After all, the tiny body he was fucking was just fourteen. A few moments later, he knew it was time to change positions.

Ken: ‘Your turn to get on top.’

It was her favourite position, with her in control and the scenic view of her boyfriend’s cute expression of satisfaction. Getting on top wasn’t an easy feat, especially in such a confined space. Still, she hopped onto him and used the tank to prevent herself from falling backwards. Mounted comfortably, the intense ride began and his thick blood-filled veins were scrubbing her vaginal walls, giving her the shivers and sense of happiness.

Ken, on the other hand, enjoyed this position as he could focus on cumming without too much work. The piece of meat he was fucking for the longest time was a blessing, as late puberty delayed ovulation. Meaning he could cum inside her without worry. With her short hairdo, every of her facial feature were in view. Parted lips, blushing cheeks, closed, relaxed eyes, sweating forehead, he was the luckiest guy in school. Hands on her 20 inch hips, bouncing freely on him.

After what seemed like minutes, his balls were loading, and sperms were pumping. He knew he was shooting, and it’s just a matter of time.

Ken: ‘Jenna, you’re doing good. Keep going! ‘

The energy from the huge dick kept her going. Though sex was meant to be tiring, she had more sex than tiredness left. With her contracting pussy, her boyfriend’s penis burst and flushed the thick serving of goodness into her. Warm, loving, generous, secure, were just a few words to describe. As his dick went weak inside her, their lips and tongues got busy.

Jenna: ‘I love it.’

They washed up and Ken continued to finger her cum filled pussy under her skirt. Placing the vibrator back where it belonged, they then left the toilet to Josh. He didn’t leave empty handed either, with hands full of his own mess, the little gift of Jenna’s translucent black panties would be his consolation.

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