Lusty Lit

Joey’s literature teacher, Mr. Jayson Chan (we’ll just use Jayson for this recount), was a cute and hot guy that she couldn’t stop fantasizing about. She’s just thirteen, but horny as hell. Jayson was a fresh NIE teacher, 20+, raging hormones, yet couldn’t cross his own principle to hit on those school girls. Always so tempting and seductive with them in blue pinfore and who-knows-what beneath them.

Joey had been having some problems with her literature work so she gave her teacher, Jayson, a call, to arrange to meet in her classroom to help. It didn’t take much for him to turn her on, the soothing voice, pretty face and hot body which his white sleeved top couldn’t hide at all. She had her hands free while listening to him go on and on about the lessons, and her hands started to move on their own under the table at her pussy.

Jayson: ‘So Joey, understand everything? What are you busy with? Texting someone?’

He walked over and saw her hands quickly lift away from her hips and skirt were crumpled, as though she had been masturbating. That thought alone made him semi-hard, and another thought became strong. To make her tell him she had been masturbating, or to let it pass without risking anything? Hmm.. why not ask Joey herself?

Jayson: ‘Are you masturbating?’
Joey: ‘Yeah.. I was thinking about you as I got wetter. So I.. ‘

There was an awkward silence after that, since it would be wrong of him to extort or threaten his student. Packing the books into his bag, it was his final bet to suggest something. He stood up and hugged her tightly, allowing his hands to caress her body on their own, from her butt, to her breasts, and much of everywhere. It was like a groping touch, but a sexy and manly glide. Finally, he leaned towards her and kissed.

Jayson (whispered): ‘Can you blow me?’

At her temporary classroom 2/6 on the second floor, it was a safe place for what she was about to give him. Obstructed by walls and pillars, echoing natural instincts to get physical in the dim, quiet and private spot. She placed him at an arm’s length and there wasn’t any problems to undo his pants for him and pulling it low enough to free his pent up rage. Stretching her head towards it, her tender pink lips started from his pee hole, forming a kissing shape, then pushing her mouth along his shaft, pressing against the seal of her lips.

Jayson held onto the tables and let his student did her work, slurping up and down, tickling his full length with her soft tongue, and felt her warm palms toying his testicles. On and on she worked, but it did not last long. The fun just started. He stopped her by gently lifting her head upwards to his and kissed, while he buckled his pants back.

Joey: ‘Where are we going now?’

She knew it wasn’t over, not when neither her or Jayson had been satisfied. He led her to the Indoor Sports Hall, empty and quiet. Making their way behind the steps, he¬†impatiently pulled her pinfore off along with her soaking wet panties. After he was done, Joey helped stripped his bottom and she bent over immediately, telling him with her actions to ‘Start now’. He pried her pussy open with his dick, and slid in without much effort, lubricated by her own juices wet enough even for some anal. Pumping furiously, his¬†desperation turned that slutty little student even more, knowing she was making her favourite teacher very happy.

With each stroke, she could feel him getting bigger and thicker, brushing against her vaginal walls with his big, strong manhood. While she was in a trance enjoying his effort, Jayson was struggling hard to cope with her caving pussy, each passing minute squeezing tighter on him. Damn.. Jayson whispered to himself as he reached his climax.

Jayson: ‘Come, turn around.’

She knelt on the wooden floor gave him a hand/ blow job to release his little monster. After 2 – 3 minutes, the treat came all over her face and into her mouth. It wasn’t the first time she sucked someone off, nor tasted her own pussy juice. After all, her fingers couldn’t meet her body’s demands. 13, and no longer a virgin.

*Gulp gulp*

Jayson: ‘Feeling alright? You know, I’m not really done yet.’

He helped her up and put her back in position. Feeling his dick back inside her was a relieve, but it wasn’t where he wanted to go. He would need some help right? Gathering as much juice for an anal job. The first time he pushed it in, it wasn’t that pleasant, but as her ass loosened, the entry got smoother. Within minutes, Jayson claimed her virgin asshole. Fully penetrating her in and out, it had a different feel from her pussy. Her body guided her hand to her clit, which she massaged while getting fucked in her ass.

It was definitely as good as normal sex, her pussy was getting orgasms she never felt before. And as she hoped it lasted, she felt his dick convulsed and warm sprays of cum filled up her ass – to the brim. Jayson continued his strides for a few more times before pulling it out, going into the Gents with Joey to clean up. For dinner, then home.

To say that this was over would be wrong, after all, this girl received all she needed – for the day. This couple continued meeting up and having sex at his place, and all over the school, from the toilets, to classrooms to their first touch, the Indoor Sports Hall.

*This is based on a true story. And it crosses the very line even the sickest of the minds would not. The act of sex is harmless, it could implicate families, friends, but harmless in the sense of physical abuse. But if it implicates anyone’s future, bodies, minds, then I would consider it harmful.

Now, read and forget. Or would you like to do something for Joey? Anyway, happy 2012 (:*

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