Be Real

Royston: ‘Jolie, come over. You know what to do.’

Immediately, she went over and placed both her knees lightly on the ground. Positioned between her boyfriend’s legs, there was only one job she had in front of her – a blowjob. Getting to work on his slow rising dick, he was texting away on Whatsapp, with his new found friend. Boasting about his obedient girlfriend, bounded by blackmail, blind love and a need for love. Sure, Jolie wasn’t stupid, just silly I guess.

As usual, her pace increased as she felt his hips buckled, then pumping the gooey thick cum into her little pink mouth, still teasing his little head with her tongue. Awaiting his instructions to process the cum, she held her mouth open as Royston sent another message.

Royston: ‘Baby, you know what to do. Do it for me.’

A slight teary eyes did not deter that lowdown guy from asking her to swallow. And poor girl, she did as asked, smiling with a satisfaction everyone knew was not real. After dinner, another wave of horniness hit Roy, and it was just one of the many nights she was ‘invited’ to stay over.

Royston: ‘Baby, you wanna try doing it tonight?’

Jolie: ‘Huh? No. I thought we’ve discussed this? Not before I’m ready.’

Not going to let her self righteousness stop him, there was another plan that night. Nothing harmful, just an act of mischief, that will make her his. And who knows, she might even be that type.

As the duo snuggle into the bed, clothes automatically came off like routine, and Jolie’s hands were again, stroking him awake. I figured this kind of slavery was the worst kind, not knowing you are in one. Slowly, his fingers were in her, slurping in and out, juicing her young body to orgasms. Five, six, and despite how much Jolie pleaded, Roy wouldn’t rest. She was pure in a way her body could not deny it felt good and she wished he would keep going. Her exhausted body couldn’t help but maintain her wetness, giving him the wrong impression she wanted more.

Royston wasn’t a machine either, he had already switched to a dildo not too thick to loosen his love too much, nor too thin to replace his fingers. Finally, his cute girlfriend dozed off with a little snore, and his dick in full swing. Slowly removing his boxers, Roy gently lifted her legs apart, and used his thumb on her juice-covered pussy. She had been using her mum’s portable IPL machine to neutralise hair growth – permanently. Which guy wouldn’t want their girlfriends to be as smooth as a baby’s skin right?

Slowly pushing his dick inside that freshly warmed love hole, and that of his ‘slave’, Jolie thought it was the toy back inside, only that it’s.. hurting a little, and splitting her walls further, throbbing with a strong pulse on its own. No, it wasn’t the toy. Eyes wide open, her mouth could not utter a word or make even a yelp. Roy was forcing into her mercilessly, admiring the guilty pleasure of his manhood impaling her womanhood.

*Urghh.. *

Royston: ‘Baby.. fuck! You’re tight!’

With that, his hips started pounding on her bum, emotionless, thoughtless, like doing a prostitute. Her mind was falling apart, with that intense heat within, and sharp pain, and unwanted pleasure, unwilling orgasms. Without caring for her feelings, his dick only got bigger with the excitement similar to rape, but he had no idea how much pain she was in. A whole twenty minutes passed before Roy was finally coming to his end. Throughout, she did not moan, but cried, sobbingly, filled with sadness and confusion. And that did not even make him pause nor ask.

Royston: ‘Oh shit! I’m cumming. Wait wait. Relax, don’t squeeze.’

No she wasn’t, it was more of a mental defence to get him out of her system, which generated an ironic effect. Time was running out, but it wasn’t his concern. He wanted to cum into her, fill her up, make her his. Reaching the last few seconds of truth, the pressure in his testis were channelling through those thick veins covering the shaft, through the main pipes right to the tip where it churned out chunks and chunks of gooey, thick goodness.

Jolie felt more of confusion and fear than worry, the pain that still rings, and the despair than engulfed her soul. And that bastard? Lying on the bed, breathing in haste from the workout he got. No matter where he cummed, chances of getting pregnant was prominent. And gradually, another emotion overcame her. Guilt, disappointment, fear, changed her to become the woman that fully belonged to Roy, answering his every call, satisfying his every desire.

She had condemned herself. And we all know she did not deserve it. Wait, where did he cum? Did he wore a condom? Damn.

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