As a Teddy Bear

Note: This story is written in the point-of-view of a teddy bear on Janet’s bed.

Part 1 | Part 2

It didn’t disappoint to be lying here most of the day without anything happening. I was picked up by a friend who liked my new mistress, Janet, but she didn’t like him at all. Anyway, I was the new addition to another two toys that were already on her bed. I was named ‘抱抱 ‘, like hug hug. I couldn’t forget the first day on her bed, ever.

I was placed in a corner of her mattress (not bed) in the morning, as a surprise birthday gift from the admirer. She was awake, typing away on her laptop in her sleeping tee, those long to the knee type. After a while, she pulled those distasteful sleeping attire off and her firm 32C boobs were in full view. She had this tiny g-string on, and I could tell she shaved neat.

Hopping into the bed, she took me and cuddled between her soft breasts, filling me up with her scent and my paws could only enjoy the accidents on her peaks. Slowly, I slid down her tummy and to her waist as her fingers went down to her pussy, rubbing herself outside the strings. I was going up and down her chest getting those sniffs and watching her masturbate herself. Then, the ultima happened.

Did I mention I had a plastic nose with little bumps on it? She ran me down her body to her clit and.. no words could describe the moment. My nose was taking every bit of her in, teasing her clit and vibrating her to an orgasm which some wetness caught my fur. This silk scarf she had on her bed was smooth and nice, which she wrapped my little paws with it and used it to rub herself, this time, I was in a 69 position, but only my paws were at her vagina.

Soon, the scarf was soaked with a big patch. Frankly, I enjoyed watching my new mistress climax, cause she would clamp me tight between her legs as she shivered and trembled herself away. Taking my paw to her nose, she gave it a lick and opened a condom, to roll over my paws. Eww, some unpleasant fluid was under it and made my fur sticky. But again, it felt like a glove, no teddy bears ever wore a glove right? It went all the way to my shoulders and before I knew it, my arm was inside her, that heat was soothing and alive, full of life as she pushed me in and out of her. I flicked my wrist left and right since she couldn’t tell I was indeed, thinking.

There were weird sensations though. Her pussy got super tight at times and it felt like my arm was going to break, but thankfully, I had no bones. It got super hot too but felt awesome. After a long time, my fur all over my body was soaked despite the glove she put on me. Within minutes, a jet of warm juice sprayed out from where my paws went in. My fur was truly drenched but the liquid tasted nice, warm and fresh too. Janet left me inside her for a while more before taking me out and cleaning me up with her shirt she removed earlier. Sniffing me once again, she left me in the sun to dry after.

I think I’ll get along well with my Janet. Can’t wait to see her change into her various outfits for her party later. (:

Part 1 | Part 2

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